Healing by Design by; Dr. Scott Hannen

Is it possible to live a life free from sickness and disease? If you are sick, can you heal yourself without going to the hospital or take any drugs? Do God and science stand on the same page when it comes to divine healing? These questions and more are answered in this great book ‘HEALING BY DESIGN’ BY Dr. SCOTT HANNEN


Also, in the book you will learn how to take personal responsibility for your wellbeing; you will learn how to avoid stress and how to use faith backed up with the word of God to receive healing. Reading the book gave him the insight to see the science side of God, Dr. Scott said “God equipped our bodies to live in the environment that He provided, and He even gave us the capability of adapting to changes in that environment.”

Who needs to read this book? Obviously, people who are looking for healing in different parts of their body and most especially if you have a perfect body system, I will also advise you to get a copy of this ’HEALING BY DESIGN’ to understand how to help sick people around you and also to gain full understanding of who God is.

I will also advise everybody in the medical world to get a copy of this book; it will not only help you but help you when faced with difficult cases in your professional field.

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