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This Month, our Editor’s Pick is IDENTITY : A book written by Bimpe Onyekwelu. After a good review of this book, we recommend it for your reading.


The Author Bimpe Onyekwelu writes : Your understanding of who you are significantly influences the quality, direction and outcome of your life in. It is not what you do that determines who you are. It is who you are that determines what you do and how you live. As your Creator, only God, through His Life-giving Word, has the authoritative answer to the age-old and all-encompassing question “Who Am I?” According to His word, when you become a Christian, you are made “A New Creation”.

The old is gone; the new has come! You are no longer a product of your past. You are a product of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Your old identity and false self-perception which were programmed into your mind through your exposure to, and experiences in this fallen world, and have strongly informed your sense of identity must be rejected and replaced with the truth in God’s word.
Therefore, after receiving Jesus into your life, you must begin the process of mind renewal, first and foremost, by discovering your new identity and life in Christ. The IDENTITY Devotional, helps to start you off on that journey of discovery.

With the masterful exposition of new creation realities from the Epistles, synoptic Gospels and Old Testament scriptures, IDENTITY teaches and empowers you to understand who you really are and what you have, in 60 powerful devotionals. Begin to discover and embrace who you are from God’s perspective so that you can revel in the rest and freedom it brings, to truly live life to the fullest.

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