Allegations Surrounding Late Nigerian Megachurch Leader TB Joshua

Photo: Twitter Screenshot - TB Joshua

New revelations have emerged surrounding the late Nigerian megachurch leader, TB Joshu, who headed the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan).


A comprehensive two-year investigation by the BBC has brought to light disturbing claims, including allegations of hiding dead bodies and intimidating families to conceal his role in the tragic collapse of a building at his Lagos church in 2014, resulting in the death of at least 116 people.

Initially, TB Joshua attributed the building collapse to a low-flying aircraft, but an official inquiry unearthed that structural failure and the lack of proper planning permission were the actual culprits. Moreover, church insiders assert that lives could have been saved if Joshua had responded promptly to the incident. Shockingly, they claim he obstructed emergency services from accessing the site for hours. The megachurch leader faced charges of criminal negligence but refused to attend court.

This is not the first time TB Joshua’s practices have come under scrutiny. The BBC investigation had previously accused him, the leader of one of the world’s largest Christian evangelical churches, of abusing dozens of people over a span of twenty years at a secretive compound in Lagos. Disturbingly, allegations range from rape to forced abortions, and dozens of ex-Synagogue Church of All Nations members, including some British individuals, have come forward with their accounts.

Despite the gravity of these allegations, the Synagogue Church of All Nations has chosen not to respond to the claims, merely stating that previous accusations were unfounded. This silence raises concerns about accountability and transparency within the organization.

Francesca McDowall, a survivor of spiritual abuse in a UK Pentecostal church, provided her insights on the matter. McDowall recounted her own experiences of being entangled in an organization that controlled her life, financially exploited her, and restricted her decision-making. She emphasized the difficulty victims face in speaking out due to feelings of shame and guilt. McDowall now runs coaching support for others who have faced spiritual abuse.

In her words, “When I started sharing my story publicly, a few years ago, I was shocked at how many people came and found me with either similar stories or other types of things that have happened, because so many things are kept in secret.” She highlighted the widespread nature of spiritual abuse, extending across different types of churches and individuals. McDowall shed light on the complex dynamics, where charismatic leaders perpetrating abuse may not reveal their toxic side to the majority of the congregation.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations and Emmanuel TV, Scoan’s Christian TV channel, have yet to respond to the recent allegations. The lack of a response raises questions about accountability and transparency within the organization.

The ongoing investigation into TB Joshua’s actions reveals a disturbing pattern of behavior, from the cover-up of a tragic event to allegations of widespread abuse within the church.

The unwillingness of the organization to address these serious claims leaves room for concern regarding accountability and transparency.

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