Asbury Revival Spreads to Two More Universities, as the Work of God Continues on Campuses

Revival Spreads to two more campuses | Screengrab: Twitter@LeeGrady

In a powerful display of faith and worship, the Asbury Revival has now spread to Cedarville and Samford Universities. Reports of the revival first began surfacing at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, where students and faculty gathered for a series of spontaneous prayer meetings in early February.


The Asbury Revival quickly gained national attention as the Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of those in attendance, leading to repentance, confession, and a renewed commitment to following Christ. As news of the revival spread, students and staff from other universities were drawn to Asbury, hoping to experience the same transformational power of God.

And now, it seems that the revival has indeed spread to other campuses. At Cedarville University in Ohio, students began meeting in small groups to pray and share their faith stories. Soon, these gatherings grew larger and more frequent, with students gathering in dorm rooms, classrooms, and even in the chapel, where they spent hours on their knees in prayer.

Thomas White, Cedarville university president shared five video clips on the ongoing revival and captioned it; “Tonight a large number of students gathered again to pray, read Scripture, testimonies, and to worship Jesus for about two hours! We had 2 more students saved tonight. Tomorrow night we are sending our students out to other Universities to share the Gospel,” he wrote. “Keep praying for wisdom and a genuine movement of the Lord! The last video is from students who stayed around to keep worshiping. They were still there when I left about 11 pm!”

Similarly, at Samford University in Alabama, a group of students began meeting in a small room in the library to pray and seek God. As their passion for Jesus grew, so did the number of students attending the meetings. Soon, the library was filled with students singing hymns and crying out to God for revival on their campus. Students and staff at both universities say that they have been deeply impacted by the Asbury Revival, and they are excited to see what God has in store for their communities.

“God is working on our campus,” said one Cedarville student. “I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s incredible to see so many people coming together to worship God and seek His face.”

At Samford, a student leader echoed this sentiment, saying, “There’s a hunger for something more here, and we believe that God is answering our prayers. We’re seeing lives changed, and we’re just getting started.”

Previously during the week, the Asbury revival had also spread to Lee University, and numerous comments were seen about the revival on social media. Lee Grady, a preacher, captioned a picture of the revival in a tweet. The caption reads; IT’S SPREADING. Students at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, started a prayer meeting that’s been going since Monday. Some of them had visited the Asbury Revival, and they asked, “Why not here?”

As the Asbury Revival continues to spread to new campuses, many are wondering if this is the beginning of a nationwide awakening. Whatever the future holds, it is clear that God is moving in powerful ways, and students across the country are responding with open hearts and a renewed commitment to living for Christ.

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