Bishop Michael Curry Moved Out of Intensive Care Following Surgery for Internal Bleeding

Photo: Twitter Screenshot - St Paul’s Learning

In a positive turn of events, Bishop Michael Curry, the presiding bishop for the Episcopal Church, has been moved out of intensive care on Tuesday after undergoing surgery to address internal bleeding. 


The surgery, conducted on Saturday, aimed to treat a reoccurrence of a subdural hematoma, commonly known as a brain bleed. 

Bishop Curry is now on the path to recovery and has been transferred to a regular hospital room.

The renowned church leader, widely recognized for delivering a memorable sermon at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, had previously faced a similar health challenge in December 2023. During that period, he underwent a successful surgery to address a subdural hematoma. Unfortunately, the condition resurfaced, leading to the recent surgical intervention.

Bishop Curry’s health journey in 2023 has been marked by several health concerns, including instances of internal bleeding and irregular heartbeats. In September of the same year, he spent time in an intensive care unit (ICU) following a surgery to remove his right adrenal gland and an attached mass. Despite these challenges, Bishop Curry has exhibited resilience and determination in his pursuit of recovery.

The Episcopal Church, deeply concerned for the well-being of their presiding bishop, is calling upon Christians to unite in prayer for Bishop Curry, his family, and the entire medical team overseeing his care. The power of collective prayer has been a source of strength and comfort for many facing health challenges, and the church is encouraging its members to offer their support through this spiritual practice.

The subdural hematoma, a condition involving bleeding between the layers of tissue surrounding the brain, can be a serious medical issue. Bishop Curry’s decision to undergo surgery demonstrates the importance of timely and comprehensive medical interventions to address such conditions. The successful outcome of the procedure and his subsequent transfer to a regular hospital room are positive indicators of his recovery progress.

Bishop Curry’s impact extends beyond the Episcopal Church; his charismatic preaching style and dedication to spreading messages of love and unity have resonated with a global audience. The memorable sermon at the royal wedding captured the hearts of millions, further establishing him as a prominent figure in the religious community.

As news of Bishop Curry’s improvement circulates, expressions of support and well-wishes are pouring in from various quarters. 

The Episcopal community, along with well-wishers worldwide, remains hopeful for his continued recovery and restoration to full health. The strength of his faith and the outpouring of prayers are seen as integral elements contributing to his healing process.

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