Bishop T.D. Jakes Addresses Congregation Amid Rumors, Affirms Commitment to Positive Change

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On January 5th, at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden International, Bishop T.D. Jakes, the renowned Dallas-based Pentecostal minister, took to the stage during the annual revival. 


According to a report by Christian Post, Instead of a traditional sermon, he passionately moved among the thousands-strong predominantly Black congregation, addressing the congregation’s pivotal year ahead.

Amid cheers and applause, Bishop Jakes spoke about the need to surround oneself with those who understand personal transformations. This comes after recent social media rumors about his potential succession, rumors that Jakes appears to be treating with resilience rather than concern.

Jakes, once a storefront pastor in West Virginia, has exponentially grown his ministry since moving to Dallas in 1996. The Potter’s House, now a non-denominational megachurch, boasts over 30,000 members across multiple locations. Over the years, Jakes has become a prominent figure in the religious and entertainment spheres, even drawing comparisons to Billy Graham by Time magazine in 2001.

However, this success has also brought scrutiny. In May, concerns were raised about Jakes’ 10-year partnership with Wells Fargo, accused of racist lending practices. Despite these criticisms, Kelley Cornish, CEO of the T.D. Jakes Foundation, clarified their commitment to community development, aiming to build affordable homes and address food deserts.

Responding to the rumors, Jakes’ ministries issued a statement denouncing the claims as false and baseless. Executive Director of PR & Communications, Jordan A. Hora, expressed disappointment in the proliferation of misinformation, asserting Jakes’ dedication to creating positive change globally.

Derrick Williams, EVP of T.D. Jakes Entertainment, addressed rumors surrounding Jakes’ connection to media mogul Combs. Williams dismissed any unfounded accusations, emphasizing Jakes’ commitment to respectful interactions.

While some entities associated with Jakes did not respond to rumors, several collaborators voiced their support. Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. of First Baptist Glenarden rejected the accusations, emphasizing Jakes’ intelligence. Joshua DuBois, CEO of Values Partnerships, described Jakes as a leader focused on eternal truths, not short-term cultural controversies.

Steve Gatena, CEO of, highlighted the positive impact of their partnership with Jakes on millions of lives. Gatena expressed enthusiasm for continuing this collaboration.

During the revival, Jakes acknowledged the support from the congregation, stating, “I feel your love. I feel your prayers. I’m thankful to God for them.” The congregation warmly welcomed Jakes, showcasing unwavering support despite recent rumors.

Professor Cheryl Townsend Gilkes, an expert in African American studies, wasn’t surprised by the congregation’s response. She described Jakes as a unique blend of preaching and administration, expecting him to continue his impactful work for as long as he remains healthy.

As the revival concluded, Bishop Jakes reassured the congregation, urging them to reject negativity and focus on their vision. Despite recent challenges, attendees like Yolanda Thomas remained steadfast in their support, emphasizing Jakes as a messenger rather than a deity.

In his closing remarks, Jakes encouraged the congregation to embark on a year of personal transformation, assuring them that their commitment would yield significant changes.

Despite recent rumors, attendees like Thomas expressed confidence in Jakes’ character and the positive impact of his work, demonstrating the enduring support of the congregation.

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