Christian Mum Confronts Son’s School for Forcing Him to Take Part in Pride Parade

Mother to challenge school that forced 4-year-old to take part in Pride event
Izzy Montague (Screenshot from Youtube - Christian Concern)

Christian parent challenges her son’s school for forcing him to partake in an LGBT event, which is against her family’s Christian belief.


Izzy Montague, a Christian mother whose son attends Heavers Farm Primary School in Croydon, South London, charged the management to court for making her son take part in a pride parade aimed at supporting same-sex relationships.

Izzy requested that her son be withdrawn from the parade after discovering the occurrence of the event through a newspaper article, as parents were not informed ahead. However, she was told by the school authority that withdrawal will be counted as a behavioural issue against the school rules. Several other parents claimed that the school was forcing an aggressive LGBT agenda on their children who are all under the age of 12, in a way that breached their parental rights. However, many of these parents were not bold enough to speak to the press to avoid their children being victimized or even expelled.

Izzy, supported by the Christian Legal Centre, has decided not to be silenced but to take legal actions against the school based on direct and indirect discrimination, victimization, and breach of statutory duty under the Education Act 1996, and the Human Rights Acts 1998. The Christian Mum further affirms that flags and posters promoting Pride month were put up all around the school, and young children were exposed to stories that normalized same-sex relationships. She further claimed that the school created an intimidating atmosphere towards any parent who did not want their children to take part in the LGBT agenda.

The first court hearing took place on Wednesday and according to The Times, judge Christopher Lethem described Izzy Montague and her family as “devout born-again Christians, and they bear a belief that sexual relations should be abstained from or take place within a life-long marriage between a man and a woman and any activity outside those confines is sinful”. He further said: “They also say Pride is considered to be the most serious of the deadly sins.”

Before the commencement of the hearing at Central London County Court, Izzy stated that she was not trying to stop the Pride event, but that she just wanted her son to get educated, not indoctrinated. She further added that she’s taking the stand to raise awareness among parents regarding what is happening in Primary Schools, as well as preventing other parents from going through the same In times to come.


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