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Christian Perspectives Clash on Halloween: Interviews Highlight Divisive Views on Occult Ties

Halloween, a holiday when children gather candy and put on costumes to enjoy spooky fun with their friends, is a topic that stirs disagreement among Christians. Some view it as an innocent celebration, while others find it a complex blend of ‘light and darkness.’ 

This differing perspective within the Christian community has sparked ongoing discussions about the appropriateness of Halloween within their faith

In a recent interview conducted by the Christian Post two individuals who had dabbled in witchcraft before finding their way to Christianity share their view of Halloween. Their unique journeys and contrasting views on Halloween provide insight into this complex issue.

Selah Ally Tower, a New Jersey resident in her late 50s, grew up in a traditional Christian household. However, she spent nearly a decade immersed in occult practices such as witchcraft, divination, and necromancy. Despite her personal history with the occult, Tower doesn’t believe that Halloween is inherently evil. She contends that it can be a day of innocent, joyful celebration. She also questions why Christians would “give a day to Satan” when God created every day, emphasizing the importance of remembering God’s sovereignty.

In contrast, Herminia Galvez, a mother of two from California, explored witchcraft but never fully embraced it. She vehemently opposes Halloween, seeing it as a time when people “come in agreement with darkness.” Galvez believes that the thin veil between worlds during Halloween enables more sinister practices, including animal sacrifices and demonic rituals. She argues that allowing children to participate in Halloween desensitizes them to evil and mixes darkness with light, causing harm to future generations.

Galvez has gone through her own transformation from a life of drug addiction and witchcraft to finding solace in Christianity. She urges parents to break the cycle of deception and to protect their children from the potential dangers associated with Halloween.

While Selah Ally Tower supports Halloween in its modern, festive form, she advises Christians to remain vigilant and avoid practices that could turn the holiday into an occult ritual. She highlights three practices to steer clear of: idolatry, divination, and necromancy, all of which could potentially invoke demonic forces or spirits.

Tower’s personal journey began with an early fascination with the occult, influenced by her grandmother’s stories and a cultural shift towards New Age philosophies in her teens. However, she left the occult behind when she accepted Jesus into her life at age 19. Unfortunately, her marriage took a turn for the worse due to her husband’s undiagnosed bipolar disorder, leading her back to witchcraft. After years of searching for answers, she eventually found clarity in a church service on Halloween day, leading to her recommitment to Christianity.

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For Herminia Galvez, a tragic car accident that took the lives of family members and a subsequent descent into drug addiction led her to explore witchcraft. Desperate for a way to cope with her pain, she turned to meth and tarot card readings. However, her journey into the occult only brought further turmoil. Eventually, a cry for help led her to accept Christ into her heart, breaking free from her dark past.

Both women’s stories demonstrate the power of transformation and redemption through their faith journeys, with Halloween serving as a focal point of their personal growth. While their views on the holiday differ significantly, they share a common belief in the healing and transformative power of Christ’s love.

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