Crenshaw Christian Centre Celebrates 50th Anniversary: A Half-Century of Faith and Inspiration

Photo: Twitter Screenshot - Bishop Mosa Sona

Crenshaw Christian Centre, a beacon of faith and community, celebrates its 50th year with jubilation. 


This milestone is a testament to the legacy of its founder, the late Apostle Frederick K.C. Price. The journey from a small church to a mega-ministry is an inspiring tale of faith and dedication.

Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, the visionary behind Crenshaw Christian Centre, was a remarkable man whose influence transcended his lifetime. His story begins with a modest congregation at the West Washington Community Church, which could only accommodate about 150 worshippers. But the allure of his teachings was magnetic, drawing people from far and wide. Lines of eager seekers stretched from the sanctuary down the street, hungry for the wisdom and inspiration he provided.

As the demand grew, Apostle Price responded by adding second and third services to accommodate the ever-expanding congregation. However, he didn’t stop there. With unwavering faith and determination, he constructed the FaithDome, a massive sanctuary that could seat over 10,000 people. This awe-inspiring structure was a testament to the boundless potential of faith and the power of a devoted leader.

Apostle Price’s influence extended far beyond the walls of Crenshaw Christian Centre. He introduced “The Ever Increasing Faith” broadcast, spreading his teachings to a global audience. His reach knew no bounds as he acquired the church-owned Air Faith One aircraft to facilitate his ministry’s global expansion. This commitment to spreading the Word of God led to the establishment of Crenshaw Christian Center East in New York, further cementing his legacy.

Faith was an inseparable part of Apostle Price’s life. It was a constant companion, a guiding light. He carried it with him always, and it radiated from him, drawing people like the legendary pied piper. The world beckoned, and he answered the call, traveling to Europe, Africa, India, Australia, and the Caribbean, wherever the Lord led him. He was a tireless servant of faith, dedicated to sharing his message with people from all walks of life.

Although Apostle Price has ascended to be with the Lord, his memory lives on. His journey was one of unwavering devotion, a man who followed “The Man” – Jesus Christ. His legacy is like a light that continues to shine, illuminating the path for the next generation, including his son, Dr. Frederick K. Price. While his son is a unique individual, he shares his father’s passion for the Word of God.

As Crenshaw Christian Centre celebrates its Jubilee, we reflect on its past, present, and future. This remarkable institution has evolved from a small community church into a global ministry, all under the guiding influence of faith and a deep commitment to God’s word. The story of Crenshaw Christian Centre is a testament to the power of faith, the dedication of its leaders, and the unwavering support of its congregation.

Looking ahead, the legacy of Apostle Frederick K.C. Price lives on through his teachings and the continued growth of Crenshaw Christian Centre. As we celebrate 50 years of faith, we can look forward to a future where the light of God’s Word continues to shine brightly, leading the way for generations to come. The journey of Crenshaw Christian Centre is not just a history; it’s a testament to the enduring power of faith and the legacy of a great leader.

Jubilee Speakers and Events for the Rest of 2023

Photo: Sourced from Crenshaw Christian Centre Website
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