England Netballer Ellie Rattu Emphasizes Faith Ahead of Vitality Nations Cup

Photo: Twitter Screenshot - England Netball

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, England netballer Ellie Rattu revealed that her faith holds the utmost importance in her life. 


The 23-year-old centre and wing-defence player shared her perspective on how netball serves as a means to “worship and glorify God in the gifts and abilities he has given us.”

As Rattu gears up for her country’s participation in the Vitality Nations Cup at Wembley Arena, she takes a moment to reflect on the significance of her faith in her athletic journey. When asked about the one thing people should know about her, Rattu unreservedly expressed that her faith is the cornerstone of her identity.

For Rattu, netball is not just a sport but a way to connect with her spirituality. She articulated that playing netball allows her to express gratitude for the talents bestowed upon her by God. In her own words, she sees the court as a platform to showcase and appreciate the skills she believes are divine gifts. This unique perspective adds a spiritual dimension to her approach to the game, setting her apart in the competitive world of netball.

In the interview, Rattu conveyed a sense of gratitude for being able to turn her passion into a profession. She emphasized feeling blessed to have the opportunity to do what she loves as her job. This sentiment reflects her deep appreciation for the journey she has undertaken since making her debut for the England netball team two years ago.

Throughout her netballing career, Rattu has acknowledged the significant role played by her mother, Lisa, whom she affectionately refers to as “the real coach.” Rattu attributes much of her success and empowerment to her mother’s unwavering support. The familial connection underscores the importance of a strong support system in an athlete’s life, particularly in a sport as demanding as netball.

Looking ahead, the Vitality Nations Cup promises an exciting showcase of talent, with teams from England, Uganda, New Zealand, and the formidable 12-time World Champions Australia set to compete. Rattu’s enthusiasm for the competition is palpable, and her unique perspective on the intersection of faith and netball adds a layer of depth to her participation in the tournament.

As the nations gather at Wembley Arena, fans can anticipate witnessing Rattu’s distinctive playing style and her commitment to using netball as a platform for spiritual expression. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes and demonstrates that sports can transcend the physical realm, becoming a conduit for personal beliefs and values.


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