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Former Texas Teacher Launches Nationwide School Prayer Initiative

A former teacher from the Lone Star State has embarked on a divine mission to infuse spirituality back into schools across the United States. 

Keli Caraveo, the visionary behind the “Lock the Shields” ministry, is dedicated to revitalizing schools and fostering prayerful support for students. Inspired by the Biblical mandate to “pray without ceasing,” Caraveo envisions a nationwide revival in every school, in every city.

The genesis of “Lock the Shields” can be traced back to 2019 when Caraveo received what she describes as a “battle plan” from God. This divine revelation came as she prepared to send her sons to a large public school for the first time. Speaking with The Beacon, she recalls the awakening moment, saying, “I kept hearing ‘watchmen on the wall’ over and over. I could hear the roar of shields coming together, locking in formation over cities.” Caraveo embraced this divine calling and birthed the “Lock the Shields” ministry.

The mission of “Lock the Shields” is to enlist parents, teachers, and communities to fervently pray for their local schools. Interested individuals can visit the ministry’s website, where they can adopt a school and access a comprehensive prayer guide encompassing scriptures tailored for students, parents, teachers, administrative staff, and school boards.

In its inaugural year, “Lock the Shields” attracted a handful of participating churches and ministries. However, the movement has gained substantial momentum over the years. As the 2023 school year began, the ministry boasted over 325 schools in more than 20 states receiving daily prayers.

Caraveo’s primary goal for the current year is to empower children to pray for their schools each day. She emphasizes the importance of teaching children to pray with the authority of Jesus while fostering unity within the body of Christ.

“Our goal is to be more active outside the four walls of the church. We are seeing grassroots movements spring up on campuses, and we believe that this will continue. My hope is NOT that the ministry will be known or grow or anything like that, but that people will realize that they can do something, have an impact in the spirit realm, and we can watch the enemy’s grip loosen as strongholds come down,” Caraveo passionately states.

The impact of “Lock the Shields” is tangible, as Caraveo has witnessed answered prayers. By teaching her son how to pray for his school, she noticed a transformation in the school’s atmosphere. Profanity, once rampant during lunchtime, ceased as her family’s prayers took effect. This inspiring example underscores the profound influence of prayer.

Caraveo shared an encouraging story about a group in San Antonio that felt compelled to pray at a local high school struggling with a high suicide rate and numerous issues. The community, parents, staff members, and alumni came together, walking the school’s perimeter while praying silently. Weeks later, the principal extended an invitation to a Christian ministry to hold a student-led club on campus—something that had been denied for five years. Caraveo remains optimistic about the potential for revival in this unexpected place.

Intercessors for America is actively encouraging parents to join the “Lock the Shields” grassroots movement. Gloria Robles, a contributor to Intercessors for America, emphasizes the importance of unity and hope, noting that “Lock the Shields” offers hope to parents who may feel isolated. She encourages everyone to become part of this extraordinary movement, emphasizing that God uses ordinary individuals to achieve extraordinary things.

In the face of challenges and adversity, “Lock the Shields” is igniting a nationwide revival by bringing God back into the school system, one prayer at a time. Keli Caraveo’s unwavering faith and dedication serve as an inspirational testament to the power of prayer and the potential for transformation within our schools and communities.

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