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Fulani Herdsmen and Terrorists Target Christians in Benue State, Nigeria: Six Killed in Recent Attacks

Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists have once again targeted Christian communities in Benue state, Nigeria, resulting in the deaths of six Christians, according to local sources. 

This heartbreaking series of attacks follows the brutal slaughter of 10 Christians earlier this month, highlighting the grave security concerns faced by these communities.

The violence struck Tse Gamber village in Gwer West County on Sunday, Oct. 29, where assailants killed three Christians and kidnapped another. The kidnapped Christian has been identified as Iorhon Dam. The situation in this area remains tense, and the community is grappling with the aftermath of this heinous act.

In a simultaneous assault, three more Christians lost their lives in Ngai village. The victims, like those in Tse Gamber, fell victim to this senseless violence. The perpetrators remain unidentified, but their actions have left a trail of devastation.

Earlier this month, on October 23, herdsmen and other terrorists targeted Agagbe village in Gwer West County, resulting in the tragic deaths of three Christians. The victims have been identified as Iorhemba Cletus, Akaa Clifford, and Igbahemba Abua. They were ambushed and killed in an act of violence that has shaken the community.

In a separate incident that unfolded in September, 80-year-old Washima Erukaa, a Christian official of the Ukum Local Government Council, was kidnapped from his home in Zakibiam. His captors demanded a ransom of 5 million naira (approximately US$6,340), which the family was unable to raise. Tragically, on October 23, the captors informed the family that Washima Erukaa had been killed and buried. This loss serves as a stark reminder of the horrors faced by victims and their families.

On October 14, Fulani herdsmen targeted Imatom village in Logo County, claiming the lives of three Christians. The victims, Tertsea Terkimbi Adagundu, Tertsea Mkposu, and Mimidoo Umburga, were taken to the NKST Church hospital morgue in Anyiin town. All the victims were members of NKST congregations in their respective communities.

In Guma County, terrorists attacked Daudu town on the night of October 5, resulting in the deaths of three Christians. These relentless attacks have impacted several communities, leaving a trail of grief and fear.

Despite the escalating violence against Christian communities in Benue state, the police and other security agencies are working to contain the situation, as stated by police spokesperson Catherine Anene. The attacks have not spared even her own village and relatives, highlighting the pervasive nature of the crisis.


The Fulani herdsmen attacks on Christian communities in Nigeria’s Middle Belt have been attributed by Christian leaders to a desire to forcibly take over Christian lands and impose Islam. Desertification and other factors have made it increasingly difficult for them to sustain their herds, which has exacerbated tensions.

The situation in Benue state is dire, and the international community is urged to pay attention to the ongoing violence and the need for measures to protect vulnerable communities and promote peace in the region. 

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