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Grammy-Winning Pentatonix Shares Faith Message through Christmas Music

In a recent interview with The Christian Post, Grammy Award-winning acapella sensation, Pentatonix, has recently expressed their desire to spread their faith globally through their music.

Although the group is not explicitly spelt out as a Christian band, they are widely recognized for their enchanting Christmas melodies.

During the premiere of the film “Journey to Bethlehem,” Pentatonix members Kevin Olusola and Matt Sallee drew parallels between their musical journey and the Old Testament narrative of Daniel. Olusola noted that like Daniel, the group aims to immerse themselves in various cultures while remaining steadfast in their commitment to their faith. He explained, “He goes into the culture, and he gets to infiltrate, but he also gets to stay true to the true God.”

Being a “light in culture,” Olusola emphasized, allows the group to showcase the beauty, joy, and coolness of the Gospel. He recognized that there is often a stigma surrounding the Gospel, with people thinking, “‘It’s just not for me,’ ‘It can’t be.’ But actually, Jesus invites every single person into a relationship.”

Olusola expressed his hope that Pentatonix’s music serves as a conduit for people to “feel Jesus through us.” He emphasized the power of lyrics, hope, message, and spirituality present in their songs, noting that they can resonate and touch hearts in a unique way compared to other mediums.

Matt Sallee echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the group’s intentional efforts to “spread God’s love.” He highlighted the importance of trusting the Holy Spirit and oneself, understanding that each person has a purpose. “Walk in your purpose, walk in what God has called you to do, lean on iron sharpening iron, lean on brothers and sisters, and really trust in God because His record is perfect. He’s been so good in my life,” said Sallee.

Currently embarked on “The Most Wonderful Tour Of The Year,” Pentatonix is enchanting audiences with their iconic Christmas hits. The group is also slated to perform at the highly anticipated annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 23.

In the spirit of the holiday season, Pentatonix’s commitment to infusing their music with a message of faith and love is evident. As they traverse the musical landscape, the group remains dedicated to portraying their faith through their craft. By blending their unique acapella style with timeless Christmas tunes, Pentatonix hopes to break down barriers associated with the Gospel and create an avenue for people to connect with Jesus on a personal level.

In a world where the power of music transcends boundaries, Pentatonix’s approach serves as a reminder that faith can be shared and celebrated in various forms. Their journey, much like the biblical story of Daniel, encapsulates a mission to be a positive influence within diverse cultures while remaining true to their beliefs.

As Pentatonix continues to serenade audiences with their Christmas classics on “The Most Wonderful Tour Of The Year,” their commitment to spreading the message of love and faith resonates beyond the harmonies and melodies, offering a unique experience that transcends the ordinary and invites listeners to reflect on the deeper meaning of the holiday season.

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