Great American Family Set to Premiere Original Film Post-Merger with Pure Flix

Photo: Screenshot from Twitter - Pure Flix

Great American Family, the cable network, is set to release its second original film since merging with the faith-based streaming platform Pure Flix. 


The upcoming movie, premiering on July 30, and streaming on Pure Flix the following day, promises to captivate audiences with its intriguing plot and faith-centered narrative.

CBN’s Faithwire has obtained an exclusive first look at the trailer for the film, offering a glimpse into the world of mystery and suspense that awaits viewers. Penned by writer and star Ansley Gordon, who also takes on the role of Abby Brooks in the movie, the film draws inspiration from iconic sleuth “Nancy Drew” and the ensemble cast dynamics of “Only Murders in the Building.”

Gordon shared her vision for the film, emphasizing her desire to create a close-knit ensemble cast that embodies the essence of a family, while ensuring inclusivity within the world of the small town of Prescott, where the story unfolds.

The central character, Abby Brooks, is a mystery podcaster and former journalist grappling with the grief of losing her baby and dealing with a divorce. The film takes an unexpected turn when Abby becomes entangled in the mysterious death of her free-spirited neighbor, and she embarks on a quest to unravel the secrets behind this small-town caper. To decipher the enigma, Abby follows a trail of clues straight out of the Bible, leading her on an intriguing and faith-driven journey.

Interestingly, many aspects of Ansley Gordon’s character, Abby Brooks, are deeply rooted in the actress’s own life experiences. Gordon candidly revealed that her faith and personal struggles, such as dealing with a miscarriage and feeling disconnected from her family’s beliefs, found their way into Abby’s character during the scriptwriting process. The emotional depth that emerges from this personal connection lends a profound authenticity to Abby Brooks’ story.

“The studio, Nicely Entertainment, I write for them on a regular basis,” Gordon explained, recounting how she was entrusted with the opportunity to craft a cozy mystery concept. Out of the five concepts she submitted, two were chosen by Pure Flix. As fate would have it, she found herself writing the movie, feeling a higher power guiding her path throughout the creative process.

The movie represents a significant milestone for Ansley Gordon, who is grateful for the chance to embody a character that resonates so deeply with her own journey. The serendipitous nature of landing the role without the need for an audition reinforces her belief that she is fulfilling her true purpose in life.

With its compelling storyline, a fusion of mystery and faith, and a cast that feels like a close-knit family, “To Crack the Code” promises to be a unique and captivating cinematic experience. As viewers tune in to witness Abby Brooks’ journey of discovery, they can expect to be drawn into a world where clues from the Bible unlock the secrets of a small town’s enigmatic puzzle.

The film’s emphasis on faith and the relatable struggles faced by its protagonist are sure to resonate with audiences, making it an exciting addition to the Great American Family’s roster of faith-based entertainment. 

As the release date approaches, anticipation for “To Crack the Code” grows, and audiences eagerly await the opportunity to be part of Abby Brooks’ quest for truth, love, and understanding.

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