How to Publish Your Book with Apple Books

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Are you an aspiring author with a manuscript ready to share with the world? If so, you’ve probably considered various publishing options, including traditional publishing houses and self-publishing platforms. 


One attractive avenue for self-publishing your book is Apple Books. With its wide reach and user-friendly interface, Apple Books provides a fantastic platform for authors to publish and distribute their work to a global audience. 

Here is a guide for you through the steps of publishing your book with Apple Books.

1. Prepare Your Manuscript

Before you can publish your book on Apple Books, you need a polished and well-formatted manuscript. Take the time to proofread your work for errors and ensure it meets professional standards. It’s also crucial to format your manuscript correctly. Apple Books supports the EPUB format, so make sure your book is formatted accordingly. You can use software like Adobe InDesign or various online tools to create an EPUB file.

2. Obtain an ISBN

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is essential for tracking and selling your book. You can obtain an ISBN through your local ISBN agency or directly from Apple Books if you plan to publish exclusively with them. Having an ISBN will also make it easier for your book to be discovered by potential readers.

3. Create an Apple ID and iTunes Connect Account

To publish your book on Apple Books, you need an Apple ID and an iTunes Connect account. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you can create one for free. Once you have an Apple ID, go to iTunes Connect and sign in or create an account specifically for publishing.

4. Prepare Metadata and Cover Art

Metadata is the information about your book that will help readers discover it. This includes the title, author name, book description, keywords, and genre. You’ll also need to upload high-quality cover art that meets Apple’s specifications. A visually appealing cover can significantly impact your book’s success, so invest time and effort into this step.

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5. Choose Your Pricing and Distribution Options

Apple Books allows you to set the price of your book and choose whether you want it to be available worldwide or in specific regions. Consider your target audience and market research when deciding on pricing. You can also opt for various distribution models, such as exclusive distribution through Apple Books or wide distribution through multiple platforms.

6. Upload Your Book

Once you’ve prepared all the necessary components, it’s time to upload your book to Apple Books. iTunes Connect provides a user-friendly interface for authors to submit their work. Follow the instructions, and make sure your EPUB file and cover art are correctly uploaded.

7. Review and Publish

After uploading your book, it will go through a review process to ensure it meets Apple’s content guidelines. This process typically takes a few days, during which Apple’s team will check for any issues with your book’s formatting or content. Once your book passes the review, it will be published on Apple Books and available for purchase.

8. Promote Your Book

Publishing your book is just the first step. To succeed on Apple Books, you’ll need to actively promote your work. Utilize social media, your author website, and other marketing strategies to reach your target audience. Encourage readers to leave reviews and ratings on Apple Books to boost your book’s visibility.

9. Monitor Sales and Performance

Apple Books provides tools and analytics to track your book’s performance. You can monitor sales, track reader engagement, and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. Regularly review your sales data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

10. Consider Exclusive Features

Apple Books offers unique features like Enhanced Editions, which allow authors to include multimedia elements such as audio, video, and interactive content in their books. While this option requires more technical expertise, it can enhance your book’s appeal and engagement.

Publishing your book with Apple Books is a rewarding journey that empowers authors to share their work with a vast audience. By following these steps and putting in the effort to promote and engage with your readers, you can increase your chances of success on this platform.

Remember that the publishing process is just the beginning, and ongoing marketing and engagement are key to building a loyal readership. So, don’t wait any longer—take that manuscript off the shelf and start your journey to becoming a published author on Apple Books today!

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