International House of Prayer in Kansas City Ends Ties with Founder Mike Bickle Amidst Allegations of Misconduct

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In a recent online announcement, the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC) has officially severed ties with its founder, Mike Bickle, following new information related to allegations of clergy abuse against him. 


The ministry, known for its 24/7 prayer initiative founded in 1999, made this decision public through a video statement posted by IHOPKC spokesperson Eric Volz on Friday.

Volz explained that the executive committee, overseeing the crisis, received fresh information confirming inappropriate behavior on the part of Mike Bickle. This led to the immediate and formal separation from him. Additionally, Executive Director Stuart Greaves has resigned from his position, including his role on the board of directors, without providing a reason. Gen. Kurt Fuller, who assumed crisis management responsibilities on Dec. 10, will temporarily take over as the executive director.

The ministry emphasized its commitment to the privacy of individuals impacted by misconduct, refraining from sharing specific details of the new information while an independent investigator further assessed the claims. Gen. Fuller is tasked with overseeing a thorough and complete investigation into the allegations of clergy abuse against Mike Bickle.

Allegations against Bickle were initially brought to IHOPKC’s attention in October by an advocate group, including founding member Dwayne Roberts, former executive leadership team member Brian Kim, and former pastor Wes Martin. Bickle agreed to step away from the ministry during the investigation. Greaves later stated that, of the eight women mentioned in the allegations, only one involving an incident 26 years ago was deemed credible.

In November, IHOPKC released a four-page report claiming insufficient evidence against Bickle. However, the ministry identified five of the alleged victims, with three disputing the allegations and one refusing to communicate with IHOPKC attorneys. The one credible case dated back before IHOPKC’s founding and involved a woman who went public in early December, alleging inappropriate actions by Bickle when she was 19.

On Dec. 10, IHOPKC enlisted the Lathrop Group, a third-party investigator, to review the allegations, raising concerns due to the group’s self-described role in defending religious groups against misconduct claims. IHOPKC also initiated a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to supplement the investigation.

Bickle addressed the allegations publicly on Dec. 12, admitting to inappropriate and sinful behavior over 20 years ago but denying the more severe allegations. In the recent announcement, Volz stated that IHOPKC leaders are in ongoing discussions with the advocate group to establish trust and common ground.

Amidst the challenges, Volz urged the community to pray for the process, acknowledging that these revelations might cause shock, pain, confusion, grief, or sadness. He emphasized the importance of being considerate and respectful, especially on social media. Despite the difficulties, IHOPKC remains steadfast in its commitment to Jesus and the continuation of the 24/7 prayer movement initiated by God.

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