Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber Summons Priest to Chase Away Ghost from Home

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber | Photo: Twitter Screenshot - GHRKentNews

Award-winning music creator Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber has disclosed getting a priest to kick out a tricky ghost from his home. 


The famous composer, known for hits like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Jesus Christ Superstar, shared this interesting experience in a chat with the Telegraph.

When asked about any spooky happenings in the theaters he owns, Lord Webber said he’d never seen a ghost but did have a peculiar encounter with paranormal stuff in a house he owned in Eaton Square.

He explained that instead of a regular ghost, he had to deal with a poltergeist. These aren’t your typical spooky specters; they’re known for making noise and playing pranks. Lord Webber said, “It would do things like take theater scripts and put them in a neat pile in some obscure room.” Clearly, this ghost had a playful side.

As the strange activities continued, Lord Webber and his household decided to bring in some professional help. He shared, “In the end, we had to get a priest to come and bless it, and it left.” So, it seems Lord Webber opted for a bit of spiritual assistance to deal with the pesky presence in his home.

For those not familiar with the term, a poltergeist is basically a noisy and mischievous ghost that’s often blamed for strange sounds and pranks. In this case, it was making a mess with Lord Webber’s theater scripts.

Lord Webber’s choice to involve a priest suggests a common belief that religious figures, like priests, have the power to get rid of or keep away spooky spirits. Blessing a home is a traditional way of clearing out bad vibes or unwelcome ghosts.

Lord Webber’s story adds an interesting twist to his life outside of creating music. Despite his huge success in making amazing musicals, it turns out he’s not immune to weird and unexplainable things. This revelation gives us a peek into the personal life of a famous artist, showing a side of Lord Webber that goes beyond just making incredible music.

His candid talk about this ghostly encounter also connects with people who’ve gone through or are curious about spooky stuff. It shows that even big-shot and successful people can run into strange experiences that lead them to seek out-of-the-ordinary solutions.

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