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Man’s Near-Death Journey Reveals Glimpse of Heaven in New Film

Don Piper, who once doubted near-death experiences, now shares his own incredible encounter with heaven after a tragic car crash in 1989. He claims to have spent 90 minutes in heaven, conversing with departed loved ones and witnessing angels.

Piper’s remarkable story is one of the many near-death experiences featured in the upcoming Angel Studios film, “After Death,” hitting theaters on October 27.

Don Piper, best known for his book “90 Minutes in Heaven,” was returning from a pastor’s conference to his church on a rainy, cold day when the accident occurred. A tractor-trailer truck collided head-on with his vehicle on a narrow rural bridge, involving two other vehicles. Although miraculously everyone else survived, Piper was declared dead by paramedics at the scene. They covered his lifeless body with a waterproof tarp while awaiting a medical examiner.

During this time, Piper claims to have been transported to heaven. He vividly recalls standing at the gates of heaven and reuniting with people he had known and loved in life. They all appeared in perfect form, and the music in heaven was beyond any earthly comparison. He described hearing thousands of songs simultaneously, harmoniously complementing one another.

In heaven, colors existed that were incomprehensible to human eyes. The pearly gates, reflecting radiant light, appeared almost lifelike. The people in heaven were timeless and perfect, bearing no scars or blemishes. Angels were also present above Piper, varying in size, shape, and the number of wings, some even without wings.

A turning point occurred when, at 1:30 p.m., an attendee of the conference, who had come across the accident scene, stopped to pray for Don Piper. He began singing the hymn “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” and, to Piper’s amazement, he started singing along. This marked his return to consciousness, utterly unaware of the accident or its aftermath.

Following the accident, Don Piper spent 13 months in the hospital and underwent 34 surgeries. He then had to endure three years of rehabilitation. Despite the challenges he faced, he maintains that there is no comparison between Earth and heaven.

In Piper’s words, “Earth, he told Christian Headlines, cannot compare to heaven. … I obviously have had a meaningful life for the past 34, 35 years being here. But honestly, I would rather be there. These people that are in the movie, they would rather be there, too.”

The film “After Death” aims to bring the stories of near-death experiences, like Don Piper’s, to a wider audience. Piper expressed his hope that the movie serves as a “get-people-into-heaven” film, initiating conversations and potentially guiding viewers towards a deeper understanding of their faith or spirituality.

This film marks a significant moment for Angel Studios, known for its summer blockbuster “Sound of Freedom,” which garnered attention and success in Hollywood. “After Death” takes audiences on a journey to explore near-death experiences, offering an opportunity to reflect on the profound and spiritual aspects of life and the afterlife.

Don Piper’s transformation from a skeptic to a believer in near-death experiences is a compelling example of how a personal encounter can reshape one’s perspective. His extraordinary journey, as recounted in “After Death,” invites viewers to contemplate the mysteries of the afterlife and consider the possibility of something greater beyond this earthly existence. 

The film’s release on October 27 provides a chance for audiences to explore these remarkable stories and engage in meaningful conversations about faith, spirituality, and the unknown.

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