MIEDO is a movie that address the force of fear and its negative effects on our lives. This is portrayed in lens by life of the cast Joke, played by Omolara Ayoola. While she maintains being a Christian, she is rather unkind, and this character exhibits whenever she is fearful.


The movie’s producer, Israel Oluwaseun Akinlawon posted questions, which the movie will answer, on his social media asking ;

When false evidence appears real, what do you do?

There are many Christians with many options…MIEDO
There are many Christians who bow to culture at the expense of what God is demanding from them…MIEDO
There are many people who decide to plateau easily…MIEDO
There are many People who decide not to step out of their comfort zone… MIEDO
Nothing is too hard to be FEARFUL of, it only needs to be understood.
What if there is nothing called MIEDO?
Maybe it’s just an absence of courage to move on.
What if?
What if?
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