New Animated “Jesus” Film Aims to Spread Gospel Worldwide

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Josh Newell, the executive director of the Jesus Film Project, revealed plans to extend the reach of the Gospel through a captivating animated movie depicting the life and ministry of Christ. 


The highly anticipated feature film is scheduled to premiere in theaters globally in December 2025.

Newell, speaking to CBN Digital, emphasized the organization’s mission to reach everyone, regardless of language or location. The decision to portray Jesus’ story through animation is seen as a strategic move to engage the next generation in compelling and relevant ways.

The original “Jesus” film, released in 1979, has been a global phenomenon, delivering the Gospel in over 2,100 languages. For almost 44 and a half years, the film has been a pivotal tool for communities worldwide, with millions discovering the Lord and embarking on a spiritual journey.

Newell attributes the success of the “Jesus” film to its foundation in God’s Word. “It’s not just a movie; it’s a movement,” he emphasized. The script is derived from the Gospel of Luke, making the film a powerful representation of the Bible’s teachings.

One distinctive feature of the “Jesus” film is its inclusivity of numerous languages, allowing people to hear the Gospel seamlessly. Newell believes this inclusivity adds significant impact to Christ’s words, allowing individuals to hear expressions like “I love you” in their own language.

Over the past four decades, the “Jesus” film has been viewed by an estimated 10 billion people, with 633 million indicating a decision to follow Jesus. This has resulted in the establishment of churches globally, marking the film’s profound influence.

The new animated “Jesus” film, set to premiere in December 2025, aims to build upon this legacy by utilizing new tools to inspire people to delve deeper into Scripture. Newell expressed the beauty of animation as an art form, emphasizing its potential to bring the story of Jesus to life in various mediums, including augmented reality and virtual reality.

The project involves collaboration with top professionals in the animation industry, including Dominic Carola of Premise Entertainment, known for his work on blockbuster films like “The Lion King.”

According to Newell, success for the animated venture will be measured by its ability to reach those who are unfamiliar with or haven’t heard about Jesus. He emphasized the significance of fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission – the command to followers to baptize nations.

“We want to reach everyone on earth who doesn’t currently know or have heard about Jesus,” Newell stated. “It’s amazing to me that there are billions on this planet that don’t even know the name of Jesus.”

The Jesus Film Project’s new animated endeavor seeks to continue its mission of spreading the Gospel globally, utilizing the powerful medium of animation to engage diverse audiences and inspire a deeper connection with the teachings of Christ. 

The film is anticipated to not only entertain but also serve as a powerful tool for fulfilling the organization’s commitment to reaching people from all walks of life with the message of Jesus.

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