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NYT Author Max Lucado Talks About Anxiously Seeking the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Best Selling Christian Author and Minister Max Lucado who happened to be brought up in a Church that does not emphasize speaking in tongues, now expressed that praying in spirit’s tongue has become an essential part of his prayer life.

Max Lucado, who has authored a lot of books, in an interview with Ed Stetzer and co-host Daniel Yang on The Stetzer Church Leaders Podcast, said that his encounter with the Holy Spirit had started with a massive personal awakening to the Holy Spirit Power. According to him, he grew with a very little knowledge of the Holy Spirit and the spiritual tongues.

Lucado had also been a pastor at Oaks Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, for two decades, and according to him, God performed an unexpected action that changed him. He said,  “For me, my more recent fascination with the Holy Spirit or pursuit of an understanding of the Holy Spirit comes out of a desperation. As I look around in society, and like you said I’ve been in ministry since 1979, and I found myself in the last 5 or 6 years really weary with the way churches were struggling to connect with society.” 

The author expressed that man-made ways of operating the Church were not giving the results expected, and then he said he remembered the part of the Bible where Jesus Christ told his disciples to wait on the power and baptism of the holy spirit. “I don’t want another program or church or idea or trend, but I am hungry – I am hungry for just a raindrop of the Holy Spirit to fall upon the church,” he explains. “The Holy Spirit can do more in a moment than our best pastors and preachers can do in a lifetime. We just need a great awakening. We need that supernatural visitation of the Holy Spirit to come upon us.”

According to Lucado, he spoke the words about five months before the outpouring in Asbury University, and now there is a nationwide spark of revival.

CBN report had it that Lucado viewed the occurrence through the Bible in John 20:22 where Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, appears to the disciples, breathes upon them and says, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” That was a salvation moment in which the disciples met in the risen Lord and were first filled with the Holy Spirit.

“I do believe that when I gave my heart to Christ as a young man I received the Holy Spirit. I just didn’t know how to follow him and how to respond to him,” he explains.

The best selling 68-year-old author says he’s learned more recently to inhale and to breathe-in the Spirit of God. “The Holy Spirit is so willing to give if we will simply request to receive. So I think my chief assignment as a Christian is to receive the Holy Spirit and then trust that he will speak through me as I go just about my day,” he explained. 

Lucado recounted how his belief in the holy spirit created a habit of always praying in spiritual tongues.   

“When I was 64 on a July morning, as I was praying, I began praying in tongues,” Lucado tells the Stetzer podcast. “I had not done anything different, except I came across the passage where the Apostle Paul said, ‘Eagerly desire the spiritual gifts’… I prayed that every morning for two or three weeks. And then one morning, early in the morning, I began praying in a heavenly language.”

“Again I had been taught those languages were discontinued,” he says. “But I will say that it is just a tender moment every morning.” 

In his recent book,  Help Is Here: Finding Fresh Strength and Purpose in the Power of the Holy Spirit, he highlighted the duties of the Holy Spirit in giving power to a believer.


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