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Pastor Gary Hamrick Urges Christian Leaders to Address Societal Issues, Rejects ‘Too Political’ Label

Pastor Gary Hamrick, who leads the Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, Virginia, addressed a gathering of Christian conservatives in Washington, D.C., expressing concern that many Christian leaders are avoiding important societal issues under the pretext of not wanting to appear “too political.” 

The event, known as the Family Research Council’s annual Pray Vote Stand Summit, took place at the Omni Shoreham Hotel and attracted numerous politically conservative leaders and pastors, including some of the 2024 Republican presidential candidates.

Pastor Hamrick, aged 59, took the main stage to discuss the challenges Christians face in navigating today’s culture, which often promotes beliefs contradictory to biblical principles. He pointed out the inconsistency of endorsing science while disregarding the biological reality of two sexes and emphasized the coercion involved in vaccine mandates. He also highlighted the contradiction in allowing children to make significant life-altering decisions without parental consent, while demanding parental permission for minor matters like taking a Tylenol.

Hamrick characterized these developments as indicative of a world “losing their ever-loving mind” and trying to portray those who adhere to biblical values as the “crazy ones.”

Referencing the words of C.S. Lewis, Hamrick argued that when the world embraces a harmful path, those who oppose it may seem irrational but are, in fact, acting out of conviction to prevent disaster. He urged Christian leaders not to avoid addressing pressing issues by claiming they are “too political.”

Hamrick invoked historical figures like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who stood up against Nazi Germany, and William Wilberforce, who fought against slavery, as examples of individuals who acted on their Christian convictions. He argued that opposing such egregious injustices was not political but deeply rooted in biblical principles.

The pastor also recounted the story of Pastor John Peter Muhlenberg, who, on January 21, 1776, used Ecclesiastes 3 to rally his congregation against the tyranny of Great Britain. Muhlenberg famously removed his clerical robe to reveal a Continental Army uniform, inspiring 300 men to join him in forming the 8th Virginia Brigade. Hamrick emphasized that such actions were not political but grounded in biblical morality.

Hamrick asserted that “true Christians have never been afraid to address the social evil of their day” and emphasized the role of the Church as a restraining force against evil, citing 2 Thessalonians 2. He rejected the notion that addressing these issues is political, arguing instead that opposing views and values have become increasingly hostile to God and His Word.

Throughout his 30-year pastoral career, Hamrick maintained consistent biblical stances, including the sanctity of life, the traditional definition of marriage, the recognition of two biological sexes, the equality of all races before God, the defense of national borders, and the primacy of parents in caring for their children. He warned of a “godless generation” that opposes these biblical values and attempts to redefine social and moral issues.

Hamrick cautioned that as society becomes more progressive and secular, those adhering to biblical values may appear extreme, even being labeled as “Christian nationalists.” He clarified that his faith is not rooted in politics but in practical Christian biblicism, emphasizing that only by teaching, living, and sharing the truth can the hope for America be realized.

In closing, Hamrick quoted Martin Luther, emphasizing the importance of preaching the Gospel in all aspects, including addressing contemporary issues. His message encouraged Christian leaders to boldly uphold biblical values in a world that often confuses political correctness with moral righteousness

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