Pastor Greg Laurie Condemns Hamas Terror Attack in Israel

Photo: Twitter Screenshot - Greg Laurie

Pastor Greg Laurie, the leader of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, has expressed deep concern over the “shocking and horrifying” scenes emerging from Israel following a deadly terror attack by Hamas. 


In a recent statement, Laurie denounced the deliberate targeting of civilians, including women, elderly Holocaust survivors, and even children, some of whom have been brutally murdered and decapitated. He characterized these acts as “evil on another level.”

Laurie strongly refuted claims that Israel is “occupying” or “colonizing” the land, asserting that he believes God granted the land to the Jewish people and that their desire is to “live in peace.” However, he pointed out that groups like Hamas seek the complete destruction of Israel, which poses a significant obstacle to negotiations or agreements.

“Hamas has openly declared its intent to wipe Israel off the map,” Laurie emphasized, adding, “It’s incredibly challenging to negotiate with such a mindset.”

Laurie compared the level of depravity and atrocity in the current situation to that seen during World War II under the Nazis. When asked about the historical persecution faced by the Jewish people, he attributed it to a spiritual battle, saying, “Satan hates what God loves, and God loves and chose the Jewish people.”

He continued by drawing parallels to instances of anti-Semitism in the Old Testament, from Pharaoh’s order to drown Jewish boys in Exodus to the wicked plot by Haman in the book of Esther. Laurie stated that these historical events set the stage for the rise of Nazism in Germany during the 1900s, leading to an attempt to “wipe out the Jewish people.” He sees Hamas’ actions as a modern manifestation of this tragic pattern.

Laurie strongly condemned anti-Semitism, describing it as “devilish.” He also noted that those who harbor hatred towards Israel often extend the same sentiment to Christians.

Expressing deep concern for those living in fear and terror in Israel, as well as for the hostages held by Hamas, Laurie said he is praying for healing in the region.

Laurie also touched on the biblical end times, emphasizing the significance of Israel’s re-establishment in the homeland in 1948 as a prophetic sign. He mentioned the centrality of Jerusalem in world conflict during the end times and referred to the writings of the Prophet Ezekiel, who describes an attempted invasion of Israel. Many Bible scholars and prophecy experts believe this event may involve nations like Russia and Iran.

Noting the recent alliance between Russia and Iran, Laurie pointed out that the Iranian leadership has praised Hamas, Israel’s main adversary. He mentioned the provision of weaponized drones to Ukraine by Iran and stressed the interconnected nature of these nations.

While Laurie did not definitively link current events to specific end times prophecies, he emphasized that the interconnectedness of these nations and the uncertainty of Christ’s return make it important to stay vigilant. He stated, “I believe Christ could come for us in my lifetime, today, in ten years, or twenty years from now. All I know is, I’m going to get to heaven.”

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