Pastor Greg Laurie Explores Why U.S. is Missing in Book of Revelation

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Harvest Christian Fellowship Pastor Greg Laurie, in a recent sermon titled “Antichrist, America and Armageddon,” delved into the absence of the United States in the New Testament book of Revelation.


Delivering his message at the California megachurch last Sunday, Laurie explored several passages from Revelation, particularly focusing on the climactic battle of Armageddon.

Addressing the intriguing absence of the United States in Revelation’s prophetic narrative, Laurie candidly posed the question, “Where is the United States of America in all of this?” He acknowledged that some might suggest interpretations linking America to the End Times scenario, but he noted his inability to find any concrete evidence in support of such claims.

Laurie offered three possible explanations for the omission of the United States in Revelation. Firstly, he speculated that the country might be absent due to a devastating nuclear attack, referencing the passage from 2 Peter 3 that describes the melting of elements and the earth’s destruction by fervent heat. He drew a chilling comparison to modern natural disasters and pondered whether the scenario described in Revelation could be akin to a “nuclear winter.”

The second option Laurie presented was the decline of the United States as a world power, emphasizing the historical pattern where nations rise, flourish, and eventually fade. He cited examples like Greece and Rome, comparing them to America’s 247-year history and suggesting that the nation might be nearing the end of its superpower status.

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Laurie’s third and most favored possibility was the occurrence of a great spiritual revival. He contemplated the idea that if millions of Americans were to turn to Christ in a series of awakenings and then experience the rapture, this would explain the nation’s absence.

He highlighted the potential impact of such an event, particularly considering the disappearance of individuals from various fields due to the rapture, which could lead to the nation’s rapid shutdown.

This line of thought was in alignment with Laurie’s previous statements, where he connected the concept of a “great revival” to America’s exclusion in Revelation. He emphasized that an awakening of faith could result in a different fate for the nation and spoke of his prayers for such a revival.

Laurie’s recent sermons were part of a larger series entitled “Is Jesus Coming Back Again?” in which he explored topics related to the End Times, particularly focusing on Revelation. In an earlier sermon, he pointed out modern indicators of the approaching Second Coming, such as China’s rise as a superpower, the diminishing influence of the United States, and global tensions involving Israel and Ukraine.

Highlighting the significance of studying End Times prophecy, Laurie stressed that understanding these predictions should lead believers to live more virtuous lives. He characterized the rapture as the “blessed hope” in Scripture and remarked that the anticipation of Christ’s imminent return should impact the way individuals live and conduct themselves.

Laurie’s thought-provoking analysis and explanations on the absence of the United States in Revelation reflect a culmination of his insights and teachings over the years.

As he continues to delve into the complex realm of biblical prophecy, his messages serve to inspire reflection, faith, and a heightened sense of responsibility among his congregation.

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