Pope Allows Blessings for Same-Sex Couples, Still Considers Relationships Sinful

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Pope Francis has given permission for Catholic priests to bless same-sex couples. However, the blessing doesn’t mean the Church accepts these relationships as marriages and still considers them sinful. 


The Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith explained this in a statement called ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ on Monday, talking about a broader view of blessings in religious ceremonies.

According to the declaration, the Church aims to enrich the classical understanding of blessings while maintaining its timeless teachings on marriage. The document emphasizes that when people seek a blessing, a thorough moral analysis should not be a prerequisite, and those seeking blessings need not possess prior moral perfection.

For same-sex couples, the declaration permits a blessing that acknowledges their recognition of being in need of God’s help, without claiming legitimacy for their relationship. The blessing is intended to invoke divine enrichment, healing, and elevation by the Holy Spirit in their lives and relationships.

However, the declaration explicitly warns against providing or promoting rituals for blessings in irregular situations. Despite this, it encourages the Church’s proximity to people in every situation where they seek God’s help through a simple blessing. The document suggests a brief prayer before the blessing, where the ordained minister may ask for peace, health, patience, dialogue, mutual assistance, and God’s light and strength for the individuals to fulfill His will.

This declaration is part of a series of guidance issued by the dicastery in response to questions posed by bishops worldwide, known as “dubia.” Last week, the dicastery clarified that single mothers who have confessed their sins can receive the Eucharist, even if they lead complex lives.

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In October 2020, Pope Francis sparked controversy by appearing to endorse civil unions for same-sex couples in an Italian documentary. The Pope stated that homosexual individuals have the right to be in a family, asserting their status as children of God. The Vatican Secretariat of State, however, swiftly clarified that the comments did not alter church doctrine, explaining that the statements were edited without necessary contextualization.

This recent move by Pope Francis aligns with his commitment to inclusivity within the Church, emphasizing compassion and understanding for individuals in diverse life situations. 

The declaration marks a significant step toward acknowledging and blessing same-sex couples while reaffirming the Church’s core teachings on marriage.

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