Rev. Michael Mair Appointed as New Chaplain to Oil and Gas Industry in the Church of Scotland

Photo: Twitter Screengrab - Royal Army Chaplains' Department 

Reverend Michael Mair has been selected to assume the role of Chaplain to the oil and gas industry for the Church of Scotland.


Currently serving as the minister at St David’s Broomhouse Parish Church in Edinburgh, Rev. Mair’s new responsibilities will be centered in Aberdeen. 

His primary focus will be offering comprehensive pastoral support to the workforce associated with the oil and gas sector, particularly those stationed in remote and perilous offshore locations.

The decision to appoint Rev. this crucial role comes as the Church of Scotland recognizes the need for spiritual and emotional guidance for individuals who operate under challenging circumstances within the oil and gas industry. 

Acknowledging the unique demands of offshore workers who often find themselves in remote, dangerous, and isolating environments, Rev. Mair is poised to extend his unwavering support in various capacities.

His purview will extend beyond offshore workers to encompass onshore personnel as well, as he endeavors to provide practical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aid to those based closer to home. Rev. Mair’s commitment to being an accessible source of support is underscored by his assertion that “My door will always be open,” demonstrating his dedication to ensuring the well-being of industry employees.

Rev. Mair’s appointment marks a transition from his current role as the minister at St David’s Broomhouse Parish Church in Edinburgh to his forthcoming tenure as Chaplain to the oil and gas industry. In this new capacity, he will succeed Rev. Gordon Craig, a respected figure in the Church of Scotland who has led the group for over eleven years. Rev. Craig’s legacy has been pivotal in establishing a support system for the industry, and Rev. Mair is primed to continue and build upon this legacy.

Chair of the UK Oil and Gas Chaplaincy, Dr. Alix Thom, expressed her enthusiasm for the appointment, stating, “The trustees of the UK Oil and Gas Chaplaincy Trust are delighted to have appointed Michael to the post of chaplain to the Industry. His varied experience, energy, and enthusiasm will bring a huge amount to the role, and to the oil and gas workforce that the chaplaincy supports. Our outgoing chaplain, Rev. Gordon Craig, has made an enduring impact on the industry and the trustees are confident Mr. Mair will build on his legacy.”

Rev. Mair is slated to assume his new responsibilities on 16th October, signaling the start of an important chapter in the Church of Scotland’s outreach to the oil and gas industry. 

As the industry continues to navigate its unique challenges, having a dedicated spiritual and emotional pillar in the form of Rev. Mair underscores the commitment to the well-being of its workforce.

With his extensive experience and compassionate demeanor, Rev. Mair is set to play a vital role in providing much-needed practical, emotional, mental, and spiritual assistance to both offshore and onshore workers. 

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