The Church of Scotland Unveils Free Gaelic Audio Bible for Kids

Photo: Twitter Screenshot - Church of Scotland

In a heartwarming initiative to promote Gaelic language learning among children, the Church of Scotland has embraced a new project – the Lion Tell A Story Bible. 


This innovative Bible story collection for kids is accompanied by a free audiobook version, featuring the beloved Gaelic broadcaster Angus MacDonald from Point on Lewis.

Angus MacDonald generously waived his recording fee, lending his warm and familiar voice to narrate the tales within the Lion Tell A Story Bible. To make this resource easily accessible, a QR code has been integrated into the book, allowing children and families to immerse themselves in Angus’s narration while reading, thus becoming a valuable tool for language learners of all ages.

Rev Hugh M. Stewart, minister of Lochs-in-Bernera and Uig, expressed his enthusiasm about the project, stating, “The completion of the audio book has been transformative.” He highlighted that children have the option to hear the text being read aloud as they read it themselves. Additionally, the audio version serves as a boon for parents, grandparents, and guardians who may not be fluent in Gaelic but are keen on learning the language alongside their children.

Stewart emphasized the supplemental nature of the audio version, explaining, “It is very good for parents, grandparents, and guardians who are learning Gaelic along with their children. It allows them to both enjoy what the book teaches, in terms of the story, but they are also learning the language at the same time.”

The Tell A Story Bible, translated into Gaelic by Maletta Macphail for the Gaelic Committee, is a labor of love aimed at preserving and promoting the Gaelic language. Around 1,500 free copies of this Gaelic Bible are being distributed to children upon request, and the response has been overwhelming. Already, 550 copies have found their way into the hands of eager readers, with requests pouring in not just from across Scotland but also from far-flung corners like Canada and Spain.

The initiative is not only about imparting spiritual teachings but also about fostering a love for the Gaelic language. The inclusion of an audio component makes the Bible more accessible to a broader audience, transcending language barriers. This is especially beneficial for families engaged in Gaelic Medium Education, where parents or guardians may be in the early stages of learning the language.

The impact of the Tell A Story Bible goes beyond its pages, resonating with families who are on a shared journey of discovery. It creates an interactive and immersive experience that makes learning Gaelic a joyous family affair. The distributed copies serve as a tangible testament to the Church of Scotland’s commitment to cultural preservation and community engagement.

As the Lion Tell A Story Bible continues to make its way into homes, it is not just a literary work; it is a bridge connecting generations and communities through the richness of the Gaelic language. 

The Church of Scotland’s dedication to making this resource freely available reflects a profound commitment to language revitalization, education, and the cultural heritage of the Gaelic-speaking community.

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