Tragedy Strikes Grace Point Church Community in North Las Vegas: Pastor Nick Davi Murdered by Neighbor

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The close-knit community of Grace Point Church in North Las Vegas, Nevada, is facing grief following the heartbreaking loss of their cherished Pastor, Nick Davi. 


The 42-year-old clergyman met a tragic end last month when he was fatally shot by his neighbor, Joe Junio, leaving the entire community in a state of shock and sorrow.

As the community prepares for Pastor Davi’s memorial service scheduled for January 15, an anticipated attendance of 1,000 people shows the impact of his passing.

During a recent church service, Pastor Ty Neal expressed his deep sorrow, saying, “We lost a brother. We lost a pastor, and we lost a friend.” Neal, faced with the complexities of faith, addressed the seeming contradictions between God’s love and the suffering of good people, alluding to the untimely death of Pastor Davi.

The fatal shooting occurred on December 29 inside the gated Courts at Aliante community. According to Neal, the assailant, Joe Junio, had been causing distress to Pastor Davi and his family, prompting them to temporarily leave their home. Tragically, they were in the process of retrieving their belongings when the shooting occurred. Neal, who resides in the same community, described the surreal moment, saying, “When you put a violent act like this in the same sentence with Nick, your mind just can’t process that.”

The accused, Joe Junio, 36, was arrested at the scene. Reports indicate an ongoing dispute between Junio and the Davi family, with documented complaints to the homeowners’ association about Junio’s disruptive behavior, including throwing rocks and feces onto the Davi family’s property. The situation escalated over several months, leading to this heartbreaking outcome.

Remarkably, Sarah Davi, Pastor Davi’s wife, survived the attack by disarming the shooter, an act of courage her son likened to a “grizzly bear, momma,” according to the Review-Journal.

The memorial service for Pastor Nick Davi is scheduled for January 15 at Grace Point Church, with over 1,000 attendees expected. For those unable to attend in person, the service will be broadcast live on the church’s YouTube channel. Pastor Neal reminisced about Davi’s significant role in the church, highlighting his journey from Mississippi to Nevada in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. Davi, originally a marine biologist, transitioned to church operations in 2014, overseeing the 30,000-square-foot facility at Grace Point Church.

Joe Junio faces multiple charges, including murder, attempted murder, and child abuse involving a gun. The community remains concerned about the nature of the disagreement that led to such a violent conclusion.

Pastor Davi’s contributions to the community extended beyond his church duties. A marine biologist by profession, he worked at renowned public aquariums in Florida, Mississippi, and Nevada before dedicating himself to pastoral work.

This tragic incident has also raised serious concerns among local residents about the recent uptick in violence. The Courts at Aliante community, typically described as peaceful, is currently facing the aftermath of this shocking event.

Pastor Davi, a native of eastern Long Island, New York, graduated from Riverhead High School and earned a B.S. in marine science and biology from the University of Tampa. His transition to pastoral work marked a significant shift in his life, where he dedicated himself to the service of his congregation and community.

In response to the tragedy, Grace Point Church has called for prayers for the Davi family, and a GoFundMe campaign has been established to assist them during this difficult period. As the community mourns the loss of a beloved pastor, they also confront the broader issue of increasing violence, seeking solace and support in their faith and unity.

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