Update: Christian Singer Tori Kelly Expresses Gratitude for Prayers Amid Health Scare, Confirms EP Release

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Award-winning singer Tori Kelly has taken to social media to express her gratitude to God and her fans for the outpouring of prayers and support she has received since news emerged that she was rushed to the hospital earlier on Sunday.


In a heartfelt post on Instagram, the Christian singer-songwriter revealed that it had been a “scary few days” but that she was starting to feel stronger and more hopeful. The singer’s health scare came to light when TMZ reported that she collapsed at a restaurant in Los Angeles and was subsequently hospitalized due to multiple blood clots around her vital organs.

As concern for her well-being grew, Tori’s husband Andre Murillo provided updates on her condition. He shared that she was now “smiling again and feeling stronger,” although they were not yet completely out of the woods, they were hopeful and waiting for more answers from the medical team.

The news of Tori Kelly’s health difficulties has understandably raised doubts about the release of her highly anticipated new EP, which was scheduled for this Friday. However, the resilient artist herself confirmed that the release would proceed as planned despite the challenges she’s facing.

Captioning her post with a verse from Deuteronomy 31:8, Tori wrote, “Hi friends, as you may have heard, I’m dealing with some unexpected health challenges. It’s been a scary few days but I can feel your prayers, and I can’t stop thinking about you. I’m feeling stronger now and hopeful, but unfortunately, there are still some things to uncover. I’m so grateful for the amazing doctors and nurses who have been looking after me.”

The singer also expressed her heartbreak about the disruptions to her planned activities during this time, including the EP release. Nevertheless, she acknowledged that her health must come first, showing her commitment to taking care of herself. Tori assured her fans that, despite the hurdles she’s facing, the music will still be theirs to enjoy on Friday.

Tori Kelly’s message was filled with love and appreciation for her fans and all those who have shown her kindness during this challenging period. She declared her overwhelming gratitude for the love and care she has received, emphasizing that the support from her fans means the world to her.



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As fans and well-wishers continue to rally around her, Tori’s social media feed has become a place of encouragement and positivity, with countless messages of love and prayers being sent her way. The music community and fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting her EP release, not only as a celebration of her artistry but also as a sign of support during this difficult time.

For now, the focus remains on Tori Kelly’s recovery and health, as her fans continue to send their love and prayers for her full and speedy recovery. The singer’s strength and resilience shine through her words and her decision to move forward with the EP release, showcasing her determination to share her music and passion with the world, even in the face of adversity.

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