Woman Accuses Late Nigerian Megachurch Leader TB Joshua of Sexual Abuse at Synagogue Church

Photo: Twitter Screenshot - Official Lordy

In a recent interview with Premier Christian News, a woman has come forward with disturbing allegations of abuse by the late megachurch leader TB Joshua. 


This added to a series of claims that he abused numerous people at a secretive church compound in Nigeria over a two-decade span.

TB Joshua, who passed away in 2021, was the charismatic leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, amassing a global following of millions. The accusations against him have surfaced as part of a two-year BBC investigation, with several individuals sharing their experiences.

The woman, identified as Anneka, recounted her journey, revealing that she left the UK at the age of seventeen to visit Joshua’s church in Lagos. Initially planning a short-term trip in search of the reported miracles and ‘Signs and Wonders,’ she found herself coerced into staying for an unexpected two and a half years.

Anneka explained, “Little did I know that it was not a church I was actually attending. It was a cult. And the safe place I thought I was going was actually the most dangerous.”

She detailed traumatising experiences of sexual abuse, brainwashing, and mind reform during her stay at Joshua’s compound. According to Anneka, she went from being a visitor on a pilgrimage to being asked by TB Joshua to stay, essentially giving up her life for his ministry.

In her vulnerable state as an impressionable young Christian, Anneka perceived the invitation as an “honour” and an opportunity to “sacrifice her life for God.” She admitted to not questioning the abuse or the controlling behavior, such as members being advised to “cut off friends and family,” all of which she believed was justified biblically.

Describing the alleged sexual abuse, Anneka stated, “He told me that it was his private time with me and was for me only. And so I believed that along with everything else he told me.”

She also noted that she witnessed other individuals, both women and men, heading to private meetings with TB Joshua, all of whom seemed to be under his strict control, with members not allowed to leave the compound.

Anneka shared that the traumatic experiences took a long time to overcome, and she emphasized the immense bravery it took for her and others to speak out against the alleged abuses.

While the Synagogue Church of All Nations has not responded to the recent allegations, asserting that previous claims against the church were unfounded, Premier News has reached out to Emmanuel TV, the church’s TV channel, for comment but has not received a response.

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