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Census shows much decline in those identifying as Christians in England and Wales

Recent census result reveals that England is no longer a majority-Christian country and according to the Guardian newspaper, this has sparked calls for an...

Zion Christian Mission Center Produces 100,000 Graduates, the Most of Any Theology School in the World

Zion Christian Mission Center, a Bible education institution from Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, held its Class 113 graduation ceremony at Daegu Stadium on November 20....


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How to lower your cholesterol and why it is important to do so.

Cheryl Lythgoe, Matron at Benenden Health, discusses the difference between good and bad cholesterol and shares her tips for reducing cholesterol levels. Your body naturally produces...

1 Glass of This Juice in the Morning…Reverse Clogged Arteries & Lower High Blood Pressure

Motivational Doctor has got some Health News for you - Clogged arteries result from the build-up of a substance called plaque in the arterial...

How to help people with Alzheimer

It is significantly advised that when managing troublesome behaviour from somebody with dementia, recall that they are not purposely being troublesome. Our cherished one's feeling...

How to Become a Foster Parent

Is Not Wearing a Mask on a Flight Worth $250 to You?


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