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Today’s broadcast is Continuous Music WORSHIP – by REVERE – 24/7 Worship , expect intermittent breaks by 2 paid Advertisement – CINEMA by Christian Cinema & Listening to God by David Kaffo . Live ONLINE here on TCM TV

A generation ago, Christianity went through a massive shift. The formality of corporate worship gave way to ‘intimacy’, and we were forever changed. The ongoing work of the Spirit released us into a ‘a spiritual intensity’, but our ultimate longing has always been a weighty encounter in the presence of God that is less about our contribution and more about our surrender. Vineyard WORSHIP is also a musical journey from intimacy to intensity into the fear of the Lord, where we fall down and cry out: “Holy, holy, holy are you Lord Almighty.”

Time: Starting from 00:01  … this broadcast loops everytime you refresh the page. It does not synchronize on the LIVE streaming.


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Featured Movie : FOUNDATIONS – Can we disregard the truth of Scripture without any impact on our lives. 

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Christian Cinema - The Christian Mail
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Featured Book : LISTENING to GOD – How to Hear when God is Speaking – by David Kaffo

Listening to God by David O. Kaffo
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