I have not come across that many people who do not enjoy the savoury pudding, made from Nigeria brown beans, traditionally called moin-moin! This very popular dish is also known as olele, and judging from its names, it is clear that this dish is an original Yoruba dish. Moin-moin is made...
Green Rice by Funke Koleosho on The Christian Mail
There is white rice, and brown rice, even black rice...Now I present Green Rice! I love colours in my food...! I can't get enough of cooking and eating colourful food. There is actually a benefit to eating colourful foods, I mean naturally colourful foods, not foods with added artificial colouring. Coloured...
In this video, Food Aniya have compiled the best street food videos of India. It includes Burger, Hot Dog, Moradabadi dal, Moradabad Street food, Chat, Golgappe, Puchka, Pani Puri, Magic chaat, Haridwar street food, Chandausi street food, North indian street food. Credit : Food Aniya

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