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The process we follow when clearing Advert scripts or post, Media or Ads video for TV

Anyone who book an advert with us is assigned a specific contact. If you have any questions about this, please submit them to your agent or contact to receive the quickest response. If your contact is away, their work will be covered by one of our cover team or by another member of staff. You can find out who will be covering your work by emailing us.

How does it work?

Advert Approval is a three stage process:
1. Submit a script, article or media requirement for approval
2. Submit the corrected or updated draft for approval (if necessary)
3. Submit the finished advert for final sign off

Overall it’s important that you leave 2-3 working weeks for the clearance process (except it is an expedited advert).

The first stage of clearance is approving the script, article or media requirement for the ad. This usually takes one working weeks (except it is an expedited advert) as it’s an important stage of the process that requires checks and due diligence. We always endeavour to respond as quickly as we can either to confirm clearance, raise issues we have identified or request more information. However during a clearance we sometimes require advice from our specialist content editor which may mean further time is required for approval.

if you’re up against a tight deadline we can Fast Track your submission for a fee, which guarantees you a feedback within 1 working day.

Advert Submission

The processing of every advert (even if your ad is already made) is to submit the requirement to us via Google Drive, DropBox, or our online submissions portal.

Please note the following in regards to your submission:

  • The script, media or video must include all words spoken in the ad eg a presenter talking to the camera, characters talking to one another or a traditional voiceover.
  • The script must include visual description. This can be in the form of screenshots or a short, concise written description.
  • If there is an intention to audio describe the ad for those who are blind or partially sighted, this should be noted in the feedback section of the submission and the proposed description should be included on the script.
  • The script must include any onscreen text in the ad, whether creative or legal.
  • There should only be one script per submission on Google Drive, DropBox.
  • Word docs are preferable for all scripts, though we would accept a pdf or powerpoint document.

NOW, SUBMIT YOUR ADVERT via Google Drive, DropBox, or on our online submissions portal.

When you submit a advert for approval, this is what happens:

  • Your agent or contact will assess the submitted materials against the Code of Broadcast Advertising and identify any claims that need supporting, or anything else that needs clarification. They will then feedback to you by email.
  • On occasion we may need to involve one of our advert specialist for their opinion on any complex issues. This is usually via email but sometimes we can facilitate a ZOOM or GOOGLE Meet session.
  • If your advert materials requires further discussion it may be submitted to our senior advert editors. At this meeting content editors will make a decision about the advert. We’ll let you know what decision is taken.

Late submissions
If the ad’s publication is imminent and there isn’t time for a standard approval, we will do our best to provide provisional approval. This means you can run the advert whilst we work on full approval. If the advert materials fails approval, it can be overturned at a later stage. If required we can also speed up a ‘Late Submission’. This is not a fast track service and is chargeable.

Making a decision
Once we have received the suitable advert requirements and determined your advert materials should be approved, we’ll sign it off for publication.

If the materials doesn’t comply with the advertising code of conduct, we’ll let you know why and suggest ways the materials could achieve approval.

Technical info

Technical specifications for all advert submitted to us can be found on our dedicated help page. If you have any detailed technical questions please email our support team.


The Legal Stuff
The Legal contract (also known as ‘Agreement’) is often a requirement in ads and it must comply with the regulations relating to ads type, size and time duration. It must always be in standard writing sentence case, not just upper case lettering.

Passing our legal requirement checks requires careful consideration and if a finished ad fails our legal requirement, it can’t be published and will need a new consideration.



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