A FLY GIRL- Travel Tales of an Exotic British Airways Cabin Crew by Amanda Epe


“British Airways standards have dropped, they take anyone these days”, working hard to be the best and to be where people of your color thinks it’s impossible is not part of the fight Amanda Epe the author of A FLY GIRL fought while working with the British Airways as a cabin crew but it was a major battle she had to face to get acceptance from family, friends and with the rest of the world.

As I read through the story of Amanda, I saw somebody who will never take NO for an answer, somebody who has a vision and determined to achieve what her mind has been set on. The book is not what she read somewhere, it’s about challenges she faced while working in an environment that people of her color are not more.

Amanda said “Rejection after rejection, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and tried again; such was my pillar of faith and strength. My family saw faith in me, but ultimately I had faith in myself and it paid off.” She showed courage for what she believed in, no matter what you want to achieve, the possibility of it coming into reality starts from you.

One of the reasons why I love Amanda’s story in the book “A FLY GIRL”, is because it shows that no matter who you are or where you are coming from you can achieve whatever you set your mind at. Her goal was not just to be part of British Airways Cabin Crew but it was to be the best, some people might have just remain or be okay with that but not Amanda, she is a fly girl that has BIG DREAMS.

Reading the book “A FLY GIRL” is like going on a trip with Amanda, I love the New York tour with her from the book. We went to Queens together and one of my dream place Brooklyn, Wow!! I love that city and the statue of liberty with the good food were the high point for me is also the night life in New York is next to nothing.

The book, A FLY GIRL is a book that will take you out from where you are to where you want to be and anything you can see with your mind eyes, in no time it will come to reality in your life. The author used her creative writing to make this possible, you will not miss the little details of any place you visit with her from her book.

I went to other places in U.S.A, like Los Angles and we had a tour guide in Beverly Hills, that place is amazing. The interesting thing about the book A FLY GIRL is the exposure, information and excitement that will make you believe in what you have and your dream, whatever might be that your dream that you and people around you think is impossible will remain like that if you don’t change your mind set toward it.

This book has made me believe more in my dream, whoever you are read this book, let Amanda Epe pour her passion into you from A FLY GIRL. I have to say this here before I read the book, I told Amanda that ladies will be motivated by the book but after I finished reading it, I am telling everybody who has a dead dream to read this book.

If you are tired of holding on to that your talent because nothing good is coming out from it, please read this book and you will see one million reasons why you should not let it go and if people don’t believe in your dream, read this book and you will not need them to believe in you because you will get all what you will need to stand out.

To get an ebook of ‘A Fly Girl’ log on to www.amazon.com Or Call 08033741088 to get the paper back.

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