Book Review: 40 MARITAL TABLETS by: Rotimi Abiodun

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40 MARITAL TABLETS by: Rotimi Abiodun

Powerful words from Rotimi Abiodun the author of “40 Marital Tablets”, the drive and motive beyond this insightful book will set any marriage facing rough time strength, it will amend any broken home and it will give purpose to any home or marriage seeking for one. He said “the 40 Marital Tablets are meant to prepare singles, heal homes, strengthen relationships and sweeten bitter experience.”

The principles shared in the book are not what you can come across in any book, when he told me he got the understanding from the book of Genesis, I had to check it out myself and the most amazing thing was that I have never seen it that way until I read it from the book of Genesis chapter two vs. eighteen.
The words of God are powerful; it reviews itself to you in order to overcome challenges facing you at any particular time. It will interest you to know that God designed marriage around these 40 Tablets, to guide you and teach you on your marital journey, I am enjoying all the TABLETS Rotimi shared in this laudable book that is full of wisdom.

The book 40 MARTAL TABLETS is not just word based; it has a lot of pictures and short quotes that you can meditate on. There is a chapter where the author talked about LEAVE AND CLEAVE, he has this quote on it that shines more light on leaving and cleaving he said, “The leaving and cleaving from the man must not be a one off action, but rather a decision that must be actively preserved all through life.”

In another chapter where Rotimi wrote about THE SUITABLE WOMAN, he said “No man can make a woman suitable for himself no matter how wise he is. If women were manmade like cars, men can choose their preferred features and specifications at will; but they unfortunately cannot.” It shows that all things were planned by God even your child is planned by Him when He was creating you.

The author, Rotimi Abiodun also included KEY ACTIONS and KEY PRAYER PONITS at the end of each chapter which I believe will help you know what you should pray for. I should also let you know that the book is not for marriage folks only; you will enjoy it if you are single.

In the book you will discover how to know God’s purpose for your life when it comes to marriage, he said “the primary purpose of marriage is to fill up the space created by God’s surgical operation that took away one rib from the man and to make the man move from being a fraction of his fill potentials to a complete and whole state.”

I extremely recommend 40 MARITAL TABLETS by; Rotimi Abiodun as the book you need to read to add more wisdom to you, this book has blessed me and added more value to my life. I hope it does the same to you. Thanks

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