Book Review: Call Upon Me By Bemigho Omayuku


Recently, I remembered when I use to watch adult movie (a pornography video) ; I also remembered how I opened up myself to lots of junk programmes that contains nude pictures on TV and were not adding to my spiritual life. Then, there were lots of friends that I disengaged from because of their ill-mannered acts which was not an added value to my life. During that period, It got so bad that going to church and doing things that will up lift my spiritual life like reading my bible, praying were becoming very difficult for me.

Hmm, I hope I am not the only one who has faced issues like these and if you are struggling with such challenges , I believe your breakthrough has come as you are reading this review .You might be asking how I came out of it victoriously; I called upon Him for help in prayer and the most amazing thing was that He didn’t just only answer me; He said He missed our talk that He never left me but my sin made me felt so.

He is with you; connect yourself back to Him through prayer. I am presently reading a book by: BEMIGHO OMAYUKU titled ‘CALL UPON ME’. The title of the book is a message on its own, when anybody tells you to call upon them, it means they will be ready to help you at any time you call upon them. God is saying the same to you, that whenever you find yourself in any distress, disappointment, losses of loved ones, barriers and bitterness, He said you should ‘CALL UPON ME’.

While I was going through mine, I could not tell anyone, there was nobody to call and I know I needed help but the only person I knew that his network doesn’t fail is God and I ‘CALLED UPON HIM’ . Reading this book by BEMIGHO OMAYUKU is helping me to build the broken wall of relationship between me and my loving father ‘God’.

My friend, no matter how far you have gone in the wrong direction, thinking God does not love you any more, you can retrace your steps back to Him. Let Him help you fight that battles you are fighting in your marriage or relationship, let Him help you live a winning life, let this book ‘CALL UPON ME’ be the bridge, the connection, the link between you and Him.

What will make your relationship grow with Him is prayer. The author said “it is in digging deeper into Him that we build a stronger relationship through which we then acquire assurance and confidence in God. When we truly live and move in Him, we begin to have faith in Him” this is what is building my relationship back with God, His words are my saving grace.

I will strongly advise you to read this book ‘CALL UPON ME’ you will find the powerful words of God that will make you feel the love that is always there no matter what you are facing. I am still reading the book; it’s a fourteen chapter prayer book that I have which is helping me get connected back to my Source and my God.

Furthermore, another reason why I will not stop reading this book at least twice in a month is because there is every possibility that the devil will want to attack again because the only thing the devil want to remove from your life is your relationship with God. He knows that the more you are connected to God in prayer ,the more your loving father (God) shows you the good plans He has for you and devil does not want that.

With this book in my possession, I will be ready. Do all you can to get this book, if something in you says don’t get it, know that your spiritual life needs to be rebuilt.

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