Braxton Yeoman – Idaho Top Business Consultant Credits Jesus Christ For All Blessings

Braxton Yeoman - Idaho Top Business Consultant Credits Jesus Christ For All Blessings

Braxton Yeoman gives the Credits to Jesus Christ

In troubling times, it is more important now than ever to remember and recognize the people, organizations, and communities around us who selflessly work to bring light and goodwill to others. Subsequently, the team at Success Financial Team, along with nationally recognized business consultant Braxton Yeoman, would like to proudly and fervently support Calvary Boise. 

Calvary Boise is a local church based in Boise, Idaho that was founded in 1981. It was established to humbly know more about Jesus, study His scriptures and work, and spread His words. Braxton has been a supporter and attendant of this church for many years and credits the work they do as well as the teachings of Jesus for his success. The power of prayer is a truly underrated force that leads to a better world for those that engage in it under the guidance of Jesus. While being no stranger to hard work, Braxton attributes a considerable portion of his success to his faith. He believes that this faith and hard work go hand in hand and that it would have been impossible to succeed without a balance of both in his life. 

“’For I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’” — Jeremiah 29:11

Asides from one’s work that is so important for living a fulfilling life, the importance of community has been experiencing a kind of recession. It is easy to get swept up in the day-to-day rigors or get distracted by fleeting pleasures. Commitments to Jesus and the Church can then be pushed off by those who consider themselves “too busy” but this is a grave error to achieve a fulfilling life. Instead, priority towards one’s community, devotion to faith, and love for family are the granite pillars which can lead to a satisfying and well-lived life that results in everlasting afterlife. 

Calvary Boise understands this and goes beyond its capacity to watch over the community it exists in as well as all of God’s children. They host local outreach programs such as the Food Pantry initiative which helps those in the community struggling with food insecurity. Those in need can visit the Church throughout the week to get food and spiritual guidance from one of the knowledgeable pastors. They also understand many of the modern problems people face and have specific programs to help with addiction recovery, which aims for long-term treatment that uses Bible studies and the development of practical skills for coping with struggles with addiction. And in acknowledgement of the many global problems, Calvary Boise accepts refugees and encourages them to be a part of the community and come to know the love of Jesus through Bible study, worship, fellowship, and food. It is a truly great Church that seeks to help people from all walks of life and accepting all that come to its doors. 

However, charitable organizations like Calvary Boise can only provide the wide variety of services to the community if other more fortunate members of the community can step forward and contribute. Without the support of donors and other benefactors for resources and financial support, Calvary Boise could not continue doing the great work it is doing. This is why Braxton Yeoman and the rest of the team at Success Financial urge others to contribute in any way possible. While it is indeed true that God helps those who help themselves, we must help pay it forward by turning around and helping our fellow brothers and sisters get a hand during their times of struggle. To help with this, Braxton asks and encourages every client he works with to support a charity organization of some kind in order to give back in their own way. Jesus has given us all the duty of helping one another up during hard times and this is the only way to achieve a lasting and shared prosperity. 

As their success has grown, Braxton Yeoman and Success Financial Team were recently featured by Stanford University’s blog. In regard to his personal experience, Braxton remembers constant reminders from his family and Church to give back as he became more successful. He realized if he were to keep his success to himself and forget the role of faith in his life, he would be turning his back on the very essence of what brought him success in the first place. A teaching of Jesus is that all must give as they are able and this is something to always keep in mind. Braxton’s final message to us was “Helping each other is more important now than ever, and if my actions can inspire just one more person to do the same, then I did my job.” We tend to agree with him, and encourage others to join him in their efforts. 

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