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Truth Last Forever
Truth lasts Forever; lies are here today, gone tomorrow. Wise People Take Advice 13 The gossip of bad people gets them in trouble;     the conversation of good people keeps them out of it. 14 Well-spoken words bring satisfaction;     well-done work has its own reward. 15 Fools are headstrong and do what they like;     wise people take advice. 16 Fools have short...
Graduate from Believe to Trust,  move from Believing God to Trusting God
 Author Gary Thomas explains how a husband and wife can foster oneness in their marriage by pursuing God together. Listen Free Online or Purchase the Download A Good Marriage isn't something You find; It's something You Make - Gary Thomas Credit - Focus on the Family
It Doesn't take time to Build , It takes the Truth, go for the Truth
Good Things Come To Those Who Pray!
Everything works well when we pray, and continue to Pray ... Good Things Come To Those Who Pray!
God's Favour
No Amount of Skills can Compare  to God's Favour 
Sometimes you need to learn things that do not come naturally for you, because they will help you to be more effective in fulfilling your purpose. You may not be good at business for example, but if you want to run a successful dance studio..., you need to learn...
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