Iranian Born Pastor Takes Up the Cause of International Persian Music


International Persian music artists are now receiving a boost in visibility and recognition thanks to the efforts of Iranian-born American Pastor Ara Torosian. Pastor Torosian who heads the Cornerstone Farsi Church in Los Angeles is well known for his unconventional methods of expanding his ministry and propagating the message of love and hope among people through events, conferences, social media, and music production.


Pastor Ara Torosian has come a long way since he set foot in the USA from Iran in 2010. Besides his religious duties, the pastor is producing Persian music videos as an executive producer, thus contributing to the growth of International Persian Artists like Cameron Cartio, Andre Hovnanyan, Helen Matevosian and Salpi Kelishian. Pastor Torosian’s passion for music is making a huge difference to the careers of both Persian musicians and the community at large.

Pastor Ara Torosian was born and raised in an Armenian family in Iran before fleeing to the USA as a refugee in 2010. Civil strife and persecution in Iran led to the Pastor being placed under a two-year house arrest for trying to get Bibles into his church. Fearing the worst, the pastor was forced to leave Iran and flee to the USA where he could freely practice his beliefs, propagate his religion, and work for the Persian community in the US. Pastor Torosian set up the Cornerstone Farsi Church and soon grew in popularity for his unconventional methods such as soccer fellowship group and children’s Sunday school in Farsi. The Pastor’s added passion for art and music soon found him producing music for contemporary Persian and Armenian artists of international repute.

Pastor Torosian’s reputation has grown far and wide. He began gaining invitations to speak in several conferences across the country which he used for spreading love and hope among people and bringing awareness for persecuted Church in Middle East. The Pastor’s affinity for using social media resulted in him setting up a successful YouTube channel called Drivewithme where he sought to promote the city of Los Angeles and draw attention to the growing problem of homelessness in the city. Pastor Torosian’s videos have gained thousands of views and have been receiving credit from TV stations and news bodies worldwide.

Pastor Ara Torosian is now a beacon of light for the Persian community in Los Angeles and a prominent figure of the Cornerstone Farsi Church. He has envisioned a successful career as a music producer in line with his ministry where he has pledged to be a true servant of God.

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