ISIS Announces New Grand Theft Auto-Like Video Game Designed to Inspire Kids to Wage War Against West

ISIS Announces New Grand Theft Auto-Like Video Game Designed to Inspire Kids to Wage War Against West
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Christian Post report – The media wing of the Islamic State terrorist organization has announced the creation of a new Grand Theft Auto-like video game where players can participate in Jihad against U.S. and Iraqi forces.

Using the game as a propaganda tool, the ISIS media wing says the game is designed to “raise the morale of the mujahedin and to train children and youth how to battle the West and to strike terror into the hearts of those who oppose the Islamic State.”

Not only is the game supposed to inspire young jihadists to join the Islamic State, but it also includes “all of the organization’s military tactics against its opponents,” The Islamic State’s media wing stated.

However, only a trailer of the video game has been released. It is still uncertain as to whether the actual video game exists.

The trailer shows scenes from multiple ISIS encounters with opposition forces. The trailer includes multiple scenes where an ISIS sniper guns down police officers or opposing troops. Throughout the video, whenever a sniper kills his target, he cries out “Allahu Akbar”, meaning “God is Greater”. In one of the last scenes of the trailer, an ISIS sniper shoots an enemy troop right in the head as he kneels down to tend to an injured comrade.

Another scene shows a drive-by assault where an Islamic State car pulls alongside of a police car. Then, the ISIS passenger rapid fires his uzi killing the driver. Although the scene was separated in the trailer, the second part of the altercation shows the militant dragging the police officer in the passenger seat out of the car onto the ground. The militant then backs up two steps and empties his entire magazine of bullets into the belly of the officer at close range to ensure his death.

The trailer also includes multiple scenes where ISIS militants take out their opposition’s entire convoy of cargo trucks and police vehicles using explosives.

A large shootout scene occurs when the terrorists blow up their opposition’s lead combat jeep. Afterwards, the rest of the opposing troops in the jeeps that followed get out and start firing at the militants. Despite being outnumbered and the opposition forces receiving reinforcements, the militants killed the backup respondents one-by-one as they pulled up. Of course, ISIS seemingly wins the battle.

Although the Islamic State’s media wing’s announcement claims that the opposing forces in the game are U.S. and Iraqi troops, the trailer does not make it clear who ISIS is fighting.

Although the video game might seem like a barbaric way to get kids to join a militant movement, Jay Caspian Kang of The New Yorker writes that for the past decade the U.S. Army has used the online multiplayer video game series entitled “America’s Army” as a recruiting technique. Kang writes the game has been credited with a spike in enlistment.

But unlike the Islamic State video game trailer, “America’s Army” does not allow for random acts of violence and is designed to be an instructive game that uses military and team tactics.

The Islamic State video game is only the latest in the line of ISIS’ entertainment recruitment techniques. On Tuesday, the Islamic State released a high-quality movie trailer called “Flames of War”. The trailer is believed to be a response to President Barack Obama’s vow to take down ISIS.

The 52-second trailer, which was produced by the Al Hayat Media Center, shows American troops marching, followed by series of explosions and a glimpse of the White House. While the trailer shows a clip of a rocket blowing up an American tank, it dubs the voice of Obama vowing to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS.

ISIS has also released a magazine which which pledges attacks against Israel and the U.S.


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