Notable Voices and the Week in Review: October 14, 2017


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10 Social Media Commandments for PastorsChris Martin

Social media is not going away anytime soon. For a long time, many pastors and church leaders ignored social media, labeling it as a fad or a trend that would pass as quickly as it came onto the scene. This is not the case. So, what guidelines should pastors and church leaders consider as they plan their social media strategy? To that end, here are 10 social media commandments for pastors:


Five Questions to Ask at the Two-Year Mark in Your TenureSam Rainer

Expectations tend to be more shared among the congregation. In fact, expectations may be explicitly stated to the church by whatever group is searching for the pastor. People can have different expectations of you, they are not as unique as the individual projections cast upon you. You might think, What can I do to control someone’s projections of me? Clearly, you can’t get into everyone’s heads, but you can ask some questions to help mitigate the risk of collapsing projections, especially at the two-year mark.


7 Ways Church Leaders Hurt ThemselvesChuck Lawless

Believe it or not, I write this post to introduce you to a bird—a beautiful cardinal. I haven’t named him, but I know him well because he’s been hitting our window for hours each day. He flies into the window, retreats, hits it again, retreats, and then repeats the pattern. For hours. Literally. A Google search tells me that he thinks he sees another bird of his own kind in his reflection, and he’s protecting his territory. It’s his turf, and he doesn’t want another bird on it. What’s foolish to me is that, in his desire to protect his own turf, he hurts only himself. Over and over again. It’s crazy. Even more crazy to me, though, is when Christians act the same way:


Why Churches Should Have Meaningful Membership — Erik Raymond

Church membership is a concept that while not explicitly articulated in the Scriptures is assumed and supported. Many of the New Testament letters were written to local congregations with instructions as to how they were to deal with their life together (for example, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, and Philippians). Even though church membership is common in churches today and throughout history, I’ve found it helpful to broaden out the answer to help fill out my reasons for why we have church membership. Is church membership biblical? Is it important? Yes, I believe so. Here are four main reasons why.


5 Great Things That Happen When Leaders Get Out of Their OfficesEric Geiger

It takes a love for the people and the work, coupled with a discipline to throw oneself into the work, for leaders to leave their offices. The pull to stay in your office can be strong. There are plenty of emails and plenty of meetings to keep leaders stuck in their offices. But wise leaders get out of their offices; here are five great things that happen when they do:


7 High Costs of Leadership Every Leader Should PayRon Edmondson

Leadership should be expensive. If we desire to be leaders it should cost us something. Leadership is a stewardship. It’s the keeping of a valuable trust others place in you. Cheap leadership is never good leadership.


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