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Reasons Not to Buy a New PC

This report was created by SuperTechConsult to expose the truth behind slow PC’s…

As seen on (STC) – Many noteworthy displays of innovation were featured in 2015. However, this year’s most talked-about presentation came courtesy of Software Engineers, John Gruchy and Attila Payman (of the New York State International Technology Foundation), who shocked both industry colleagues and members of the press, with an astonishing PC Optimization breakthrough for everyday Computer users who suffer from slow PC performance. The Engineers unveiled, what is officially, the world’s first at-home software for the complete optimization of slow PC performance. In technological based trials, this unusual technique was found to effectively Speed up Windows Computers and laptops with a 95% success rate.

One simple trick is saving people across the   UK  thousands of  pounds …

According to their research, Slow Computer performance is one of the most talked about frustrations that people face every day—which is why they trained their focus on this particular affliction. And when the elite team of Microsoft Gold programmers demonstrated just how quickly and effectively it worked on volunteers computers from the audience, it became clear to everyone that their discovery is nothing short of groundbreaking. Previously, alleviating slow and sluggish computer performance was a grueling task, usually requiring a lot of computer experience or system configuration understanding. This is fine if you have a good level of experience and have the time to spend on fixing your slow computer… If however, you are fed up with your slow computer and just want a fast, safe and effective solution then maybe this article will be one of your favorite reads all year. step123 The software operates using a high performance algorithm to scan your windows PC or laptop, it then identifies unnecessary files that cause slow PC performance and fixes them at a touch of a button. Literally anyone can use it and only takes 5 minutes to work. Needless to say, the presentation was met with thunderous applause, and bewildered questions from the audience. But the latest development in this story came just last week, when The Lead Developer on the project, John Gruchy explains, “Earlier this year, we launched our software and the response has been truly overwhelming. Our main goal was pretty simple. We wanted to save people money by not having to buy expensive new equipment or call PC repair companies by providing an effective solution to keep computers running faster. turbo app The software known as TurboYourPC seems to deliver on this objective perfectly and people love how simple and effective it is to use. It works first time, every time and fixes a very common problem that frustrates millions of people every day.

One user we spoke to said, “Browsing the web used to be a very frustrating task for me, as my computer took what seemed like an eternity to load. Immediately after I used TurboYourPC, scanned and fixed my computers errors, it loads up in seconds. Its almost like a Turbo charge for my PC.

Thousands of people across the world are all starting to use TurboYourPC™  and with the free analysis tool available until December 23, 2015, there is no longer any reason to buy a new Computer. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking here. If you like whats available You will be given the opportunity to upgrade to the premium service, which starting at  £8.95 is a steal compared to alternatives. To maintain optimal computer performance all you need to do is run a scan about every 30 days. it roughly takes 5 minutes and will fix any errors on your hardrive or web browser. Even if you have a new computer or your old machine isn’t running slow, we would recommend you try TurboYourPC™ to analyze your PC. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself. We think you’ll be surprised just how powerful the tool really is and in a matter of days will wonder how you ever managed without it. Click here to download TurboYourPC™ while they’re offering a free version of the software + Antivirus for a limited amount of time. The promotion is due to end on December 23, 2015, so we urge you to act fast to avoid disappointment. imgres “Will this work for everyone? That remains to be seen,” said Mark Luther, a Dutch Technican who had attended this year’s expo. “But can the results be spectacular? Based on what I saw first-hand in this year—yes, absolutely!” Source :  SuperTechConsult

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