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Send a Proverb my way – by Ryan

Ryan story about the SONG
This is the song I wrote and made the exact same day of my relapse. How ironic. After I made this song, later that night I fell. And looking back it was like a cry for a word from God. Something subconsciously knew everything wasn’t okay.

Something inside knew I needed a word from God. And the mindset during the song was me seeking wisdom from the Lord, seeking counsel, seeking guidance seeking His presence, because in that moment I knew I desperately needed it, I just didn’t know how desperately I needed it. And it’s safe to say I got a proverb and a word. And since the making of this song my whole life trajectory has changed. For the better. The setback was a setup for the glory of God. The verses are all made up of proverbs, whoever can count how many proverbs are in this song maybe you get a prize or something I don’t know.

Take a moment to LISTEN to the song


Send a Proverb my way - by Ryan

But this song is inspired by the book of proverbs. I have come to love proverbs because of big decisions that have arisen in my life the past few months and the book of proverbs has guided me. For anyone that has big decisions in their life, that needs guidance from God, that needs a word from God, that is seeking his presence, go to the book of proverbs, go to your prayer closet, go to God, and go check out this song.

The spirit behind the song is asking God for a word, I pray as you listen to this song, the spirit behind the lyrics, and the prayer of my heart in this song be imparted to you and that you too will receive a proverb and a word from God. Amen.

Ryan’s Story

Ryan was born in FL and is the eldest of three. His parents divorced at age two and the effects of a fatherless home would manifest itself throughout his life. Growing up revolved around sports, he played in the LLWS twice and won multiple state championships in FL. He then moved to CA with his family where his mom began working for their Indian Tribe. There he continued to excel in sports, but in the face of racism, harassment, and trouble fitting in, he began to digress and sports were no longer his everything.

Eventually taking the path of violence and drugs, he was ultimately expelled and banned from every public high school in the state. After years of lethal addictions, jail time, and brushes with death Ryan had an encounter that would forever change his life. One fateful weekend God opened Ryan’s eyes to see the demonic spirits responsible for the oppression and psychological slavery he had been experiencing since a child. This resulted in Ryan being shipped off to an insane asylum.

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From that day forward Ryan knew that if these entities were real, Jesus was real. Upon returning home he entered rehab in St. Helena and there discovered a church in the parking lot. It was there where he first encountered God and Seventh Day Adventism. On December 21, 2012 while in rehab he was baptized into the faith. His life mission is to free those in the same captivity he was through preaching, rapping, and teaching the love of God, complete forgiveness, and complete righteousness.

First time ever doing anything like this, let me know if i missed the mark on anything or you need anything else. I have attached the song as well.

Go to Ryan’s website – www.childofthalight.com

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