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Sinach, in the beauty of gospel music. Sinach, an award winning songwriter, worship leader and recording artist is a key member of the LoveWorld music team of Christ Embassy who started singing at a very young age. However, it was not until she met the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, that she knew that she was called and then began her training towards using her talent for ministry.

For over fifteen years Sinach has been privileged to witness, first hand, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and amazing miracles take place in the lives of people while ministering in music, as her mentor Pastor Chris ministered in the Healing School, several crusades, and conventions all over the world.

As a song writer who has written over 200 songs and won several awards, Sinach believes in writing from her heart and knowing what the Spirit of God is saying to the Church. Mostly inspired by the ministry of the Word by her Pastor, she has written songs such as Awesome God, Simply Devoted, I am ready for Your Spirit, Shout of the King, All things are possible, Born to win, Fire in me, More of You, No failure with God, ‘This is your Season’, which won the Song of the Year award in 2008 and still counting.

She has won several awards through the years and among them, the prestigious LoveWorld Awards for ‘Song Writer and Vocalist of the year’. She has also won awards for her work in providing praise and worship music material for the church in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Many of her songs are sung by several churches and people all over the world.

As a gifted vocalist and a worship leader, Sinach, with the LoveWorld Music team, has ministered to millions of people all over the world in mega programs such as Night of Bliss with Pastor Chris, Word at Work conventions with Pastor Chris, Youth Conferences with Pastor Chris, The Higher Life Conference, The Christ Embassy Healing School and many other programs by Pastor Chris with record attendance of over three million people.

She has also ministered to millions around the world on LoveWorld Sat, LoveWorld Plus, LoveWorld Television and other major television networks all over the world on the program Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris.

Sinach is fuelled by her passion to see people all over the world inspired to worship and praise God through Spirit-born music and lyrics and to see the name of God lifted up through her music. She has a passion for the glory of God! This reflects in her writings and productions, delivered under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 150: 6 “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord!”

Interview with Sinach – by Nigerian Films

Loveworld award songwriter, choir leader and vocalist, Osinach Kalu, ( aka Sinachi), recently launched her album, I’m blessed. The second daughter of seven children told us how her father objected to her musical career, her passion to touch lives with her songs, and her born again experience which she describes as awesome. Excerpts:

The name Sinach
“I chose that from my name Osinachi because it is easy to pronounce and catchy. The title of my album is I’m blessed. It is a 15-track album. The title is prophetic. I’m blessed was not a pre-meditated song. It was just a rehearsal we did and the song clicked. I got the inspiration when my pastor was preaching. As a Christian, you have to know that once you step into a relationship with God, you are blessed automatically. The Bible confirms this by telling us that everything we do is blessed.”

Aim of the album
“My aim for this album is that everyone who listens to the messages contained in it will be inspired to the next level. The messages appeal to everyone. Everyone can take in messages they need to lift their souls. The songs are so easy that choir directors can teach their choir members to sing the songs. Individuals that are down would be lifted if they absorb the wordings with faith in their hearts. The album contains worship and praise songs. They are all original because they were written by me and inspired by the Holy Spirit.”

“It comes from God’s word. This is because the word of God is life. I have been under the tutelage of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for over 20 years. I have listened to God’s word through him and these words have always inspired me to write songs. I have seen situations change and hopeless people have a reason to live and enjoy life through God’s word. My life is a testimony that one can be anything and achieve anything. A lot of people ask me from what part of the world I come, they don’t believe I am from Nigeria. I always tell them that anything good can come out from anywhere with the application of God’s word.”

Before I’m blessed
“I have been writing and performing my songs. I have wriiten over 200 songs including I want more of you and Awesome God. I’m blessed is my second album. My first album is Chapter one. My intention is to push this album farther than the first one so that people can feel the presence of God in their everyday lives and apply God’s word to their situations. They can actually experience church at home.”

The craze for gospel music
“A lot of people are singing gospel music lately because they want to be inspired. People are tired of listening to the wrong music. They want the right music to lift them when they are down. Music is a way of life. Everyone at one point in time needs good and inspirational music to calm down. It is important you listen to the right music.”

Experience in the industry
“My experience is great because I see it as a privilege to impart lives positively through my songs. My pastor taught me to write songs that I would leave in the mouths and hearts of people. I was taught to write songs that would be remembered for a long time.”

“I have less challenges because I have a team behind me from the Loveworld Music. I am blessed because I belong to a good ministry and in the midst of good people.”

Was music your childhood dream?
“Yes. Music was my dream. My father objected to my musical career. He told me I would go hungry as a musician, that musicians amount to nothing. It was when I met Pastor Chris that he changed my perspective. He told me I could be anything I want to be in life with God’s word.”

How lucrative is the music ministry?
“I don’t know. The first album was released under the Love World Music Ministry. My work is not based on the commercial aspect. My interest is passing the good news across to listeners. My sole aim is to affect lives. The first album was a trial actually and it went very far.”

My music
“It has substance. Any listener can take valuable substance out of it. My team of producers and writers always take time to work on my songs.”

“I am very busy. Each day is a new challenge and an opportunity to impact more lives through music.”

“I am Osinachi Kalu, the second daughter of seven children. I am from Ebonyi State. I studied Physics at the University of Port Harcout, Rivers State. I discovered I had a talent and I pursued my passion rather than practicing my profession. My objective in the music ministry was to write songs for the church alone. But there was a great demand to make my songs available to other people, hence, the need to launch this new album.”

Born again experience

“It is awesome. I got born again over 20 years ago. The Bible says He takes us from glory to glory. This experience is true for my walk with God. I have experienced increasing grace and favour.”

Growing up
“Growing up was exciting. My father was a loving man and I had a great family. The memories of my childhood are wonderful and exciting. My parents taught me to be truthful at all times. They instilled discipline in us.”

“Not yet. It would come at the right time.”

How much have you affected lives with your songs?
“The platform to excel has been provided by my pastor. We were working with God’s word. I didn’t know how much impact we were making in people’s lives until we traveled outside the country. When I go for programmes, I get tired of singing into people’s phones. I have seen miracles take place through my songs and I give God all the glory.”

How do you handle criticisms?
“Criticism comes with success. If you are not doing something big, nobody will criticize you. It is a sign that you are making an impact and that you are influencing lives. I do not dwell on negative criticism. However, it is important that I listen to constructive criticism from someone who knows what it takes to succeed in life. I am so blessed to be surrounded with valuable and godly mentors who continuously offer positive and constructive criticisms and I listen to them.”

“I have great examples of leadership, godliness, faith, excellence, courage and success around me. Pastor Chris and Pastor Anita Oyakhilome are my mentors. Rev. Tom and Pastor Joy Amenkhienan, Evangelist Eddy Owase, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome and my mum, Mrs. C.M. Okoro. These people and more have influenced my life in great ways. I thank God for surrounding me with them. I couldn’t have been able to do what I am doing without the direction and influence of my pastors.”

Upcoming artistes
“They would need a lot of patience. They have to cook first, endure and do music overtime before reaping the fruits. They must have true passion and courage, acquire experience and build their fan base. They must also be faithful in building relationships.”

Where do you see the brand Sinach in the next five years?
“I have been working with the LoveWorld Music for over 15years and we have consistently improved and increased in quality, delivery and influence. I believe that the influence of my kind of music will consistently appreciate in the coming years. My music is gospel, and it is good news. It is a collection that will inspire, empower and improve every listener. You can find yourself in my music. In the next five years, I will have more people listening to my kind of music. Children can have godly music to sing and dance at home, especially at this time when young people are looking for hope and help. My music presents hope, faith for the future and points them to the help that they need. Good news!

“In the coming years, I see us doing more DVD recordings and more studio recordings from our team here in the LoveWorld Music. As a song writer, I see me writing songs that will influence the whole nation and the world. I also see us writing songs that will majorly influence praise and worship genre. I believe that we are going to see quality and extraordinary music production that is filled with the anointing of the Spirit of God coming from this side of the world to the rest of the world making global impact.”

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