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The Word of God is the answer to all sex problems?

Over the years I have heard a number of preachers say that the word of God is the answer to all sex problems. It has been my opinion that only naive, brainwashed persons talk like that. Here is why:

1. The Bible says next to nothing about sex except its morality.

2. There is more to sex than morality. There is biology and there is chemistry (or psychology)

3. Sex positions? The Bible is silent. Take note that even the popular Missionary position that many church people live and die by is not mentioned in the bible. They hold on to it because they have been brainwashed to.

4. Contraception and contraceptive measures? The Bible is silent. No; that incident in which that Old Testament dude withdrew and ejaculated outside of the woman and got judged by God was not about contraception. It was about the fact that he violated a law that said he must have children by the woman in question. In withdrawing, he wronged her.

5. Saying the word of God is the answer to all sex problems is like saying the word of God is the answer to all transportation problems. Cars didn’t exist in Bible times and so the Bible says nothing about cars. But Christians ride cars and fly today. There were no vibrators, for example, in Bible times and so the bible is silent about that. Yet, we find many preachers talking bad about vibrators and other sex tools.

6. Our churches are full of sex issues. Often, those involved keep quiet because they see how unrealistic what their pastors and churches teach about such issues are. Many married couples have serious sex issues. Singles have questions that aren’t being answered either for the most part.

7. The standard response to sex issues in church circles is: pray and trust God. Those who have sex issues will tell you that it doesn’t work. Eventually, they find their own practical solutions some other way.

8. It is fact that people who have the strictest religious upbringing are the most sexually inhibited. Often, Christians who have “lived” before embracing the Gospel have a richer perspective and tend to have a more fulfilling sex life.

9. The Bible is also silent about the orgasm. Which explains to a large extent the widespread ignorance in many church circles about this awesome experience. It is biology, not the word of God, that explains how an orgasm is achieved – and how the process tends to be different for the two different genders. As a matter of fact, there are huge throngs of people out in church circles who believe that sex is only for procreation. Their spouses suffer, and then often get tired of being denied sex.

10. Many times, the pastor who has preached from an inexperienced position that the Bible is the solution to all sex problems finally runs into a sex issue and finds that prayer and meditation in the word of God doesn’t solve it. But his reputation is on the line and so refuses to retract and correct the error he has preached.

11. One pastor said that all sex is the same. If you believe that, you must also believe that all pounded yam is the same. Yes; all shawarma is the same too; no? No serious person believes any of that.

12. Where in the Bible is the subject of hormones addressed on the subject of sexuality? Different people have different sex drives. Different things turn on different people. That’s psychology or chemistry, depending on how you put it. What of how different sex positions result in varying emotional experiences and responses? The Bible? Silent.

I can go on a little bit more, but what’s the point? At the end of the day, people are free to preach whatever catches their fancy. I only worry about impressionable people who will swallow the lies hook, line and sinker and then get caught in the Matrix. I am sorry to offend you church guys who believe this statement, but the truth is that the word of God is grossly inadequate in dealing with most sex problems. That is a truth that will set you free if you embrace it.

Written by Mister Mo of  Houseofmo.com

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